WordPress “Smith” Version 3.9 Released

WordPress Version 3.9 was officially released to the web yesterday, bringing with it a host of improvements to the platform’s media editing features, amongst other goodies.

Dubbed “Smith” in honor of the renowned Jazz artist Jimmy Smith, WordPress 3.9 promises “a smoother media editing experience” for users. So what’s included in the newest offering from WordPress? Read on for the full details:Wordpress_Blue_logo

  • An Improved Visual Editor: Gone are the days of spending ages cleaning up messy styling errors after copy and pasting from your word processor. In addition to improvements to speed, accessibility, and mobile support, the new editor allows you to seamlessly copy and paste your writing straight from word processors like Microsoft Word, styling fully intact.
  • Easier image editing: Images can now be scaled, cropped, and rotated directly in the visual editor, making the fine-tuning of your images faster and easier than ever.
  • Drag and Drop Image Capabilities: To upload an image, just grab it from your desktop and drop it directly into the visual editor. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.
  • The New Gallery Preview: A full grid of images from your gallery is now available right in the visual editor – no more clicking through layers of menus to access gallery image previews.
  • Audio and Video Improvements: You can now easily create playlists of audio and video clips to share with readers.
  • Live Widget and Header Previews: Widgets can now be added, tweaked, and rearranged with live previews directly in the theme customizer, no saving required. The header tool offers similar improvements, with live previews allowing you to upload, crop, and preview header images before committing to a save.
  • A Brand New Theme Browser: With a new rating and upload system, commenting features, tags, sorting options, and live test runs, the new theme browser is packed to the brim with improvements.
  • New Developer Features: The improvements aren’t just for the front-end. 3.9 offers a host of new features for developers, including MySQLi support for queries, expanded HTML5 support, the addition of the has-post-thumbnail post class, and updates to 9 libraries, including TinyMCE 4.0 and jQuery 1.11.0.

You can download the newest release from WordPress.org, or simply update directly from your WordPress dashboard.