Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

As a small business owner, your company’s name and image are important assets – maybe the most important assets of all. When your customers and potential customers look you up on the internet, their first impressions are critical.

Do you know how long your website takes to load? If not, stop reading this and take a look! Open up a new tab in your internet browser and browse to your website — did it take longer than five seconds to finish loading? If so, chances are good you’ve been preoccupied running your business and not spending enough time approaching your business from the perspective of a consumer. “Why is this important?” you may ask — what you probably haven’t considered is that your potential clients will start navigating away from your website if the content hasn’t finished loading within the first five seconds. Studies show that for every additional second that your website isn’t completely and fully loaded, you could be losing up to 11% of your page views.

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Now, we’ll show you exactly what this means for your business. Let’s say that you sell a tangible product, like flowers. You have a website with your business’s physical information on it and also a small shopping cart that allows your local customer base to order flowers for delivery. A client opens up your website and then clicks on a product in the store (a dozen red roses, for example). If the hardware in the server that your website is hosted on isn’t adequately handling the number of potential customers browsing your website, studies show that these customers have extremely short attention spans and will abandon your website in favor of some other faster-loading website.

Even worse, let’s say your current host isn’t keeping an eye on things for you – you could have a small DNS error that delays your domain resolving for a few seconds. That few seconds, while it may seem inconsequential at first, is likely costing you a ton of potential business! There are multiple reasons why this is apt to be the case. First, the more “perfect” something is, the easier it is to trust it. If your website loads instantly, users see that you’re using a trusted SSL certificate, and all of your website’s functions work flawlessly on the customer’s first attempt at using them, not only are you going to make a sale, but you’re likely going to make that person a repeat customer. Second, people have short attention spans – if your website is taking five seconds to load (take a moment to picture how long that is – count out loud, slowly to five, and you’ll see what we mean), 32% of your potential customer base is going to instantly lose patience and seek out your product somewhere else.

If you’ve noticed slower page load speeds, blank pages, “webserver too busy” errors, infrequent script errors, or script errors during periods of high traffic, it may be time to upgrade to a dedicated server. As a business owner, you likely attract a lot of attention to your company name and image. Don’t do your business a disservice by giving off a negative first impression to potential clients – take the time to review your web presence and don’t be afraid to make the jump to a dedicated server if necessary. If you’re concerned about being able to handle your own dedicated server, QuadraNet also offers management packages with all servers, which means that QuadraNet Support will assist in correcting those page load speeds, blank pages, or script errors you were experiencing in the past. If you’re concerned about making the actual leap to a dedicated server, QuadraNet Support Staff will also be happy to help migrate your current website content and settings to the new server!