Why Do Clients Love QuadraNet?

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the practice of sharing love messages and sending gifts is in full flow. It is that time of the year when you do not require an excuse for being super cheesy with your partner. However, the act of love sharing on Valentine’s day is not just restricted to our partners. Instead, it is also a time to appreciate the love and friendship we share with every close persons in our lives. This is what we at QuadraNet try to achieve from our clients.

QuadraNet provides online services like dedicated servers for website handling, colocation programs, cloud services, etc. Being one of the largest full-service data center providers, we believe in providing high-quality service to our customers to sustainably retain their love and trust. Here are few of the many techniques we follow for doing the same.

Dedicated Servers With Ensured Uptime

A shared server can only handle the data of a particular website to an absolute limit because it has to manage the data of rival businesses within it. After this limit has exceeded, the site faces frequent downtimes and crashes.

Apart from that, websites on a shared server are incredibly vulnerable to being hacked as these are also less secure than dedicated servers. This usually happens when a rival business on the same server has their website hacked, it could lead to hackers gaining access to all the data within the server. Therefore, it is safe to say that having a dedicated server in today’s world is essential for any online business which consists of a growing audience.

With QuadraNet, customers can expect high performance dedicated servers with a 100% power uptime guarantee. We also guarantee 99.999% network uptime!

Product Customizability

We can say with experience that each customer requires a different service package according to their online organization’s requirements. Therefore, we provide a surfeit of package options to select from on our website. Apart from that, our packages are not just limited to the ones provided by us by default. We also offer a “just for you” scheme to our customers (as long as their asking package is feasible) which can be talked over by contacting us through our “Contact Us” menu provided on our website.

We also provide a proprietary customer management system to our existing customer called the NEO Client Portal. This management system can be used by every existing QuadraNet customer to manage every aspect of their account including performance reports, billing management, etc.


Corporate compliance is one of the most important aspects a client demands before cracking a deal with a business. But with QuadraNet, this area is not to be worried about as we are entirely PCI compliant.

We make sure to protect the critical data of each customer and provide each of our services through legitimate policies and procedures. For doing so, we oblige our staff to follow specific guidelines. These guidelines make sure each sector in our corporation guarantees service of the highest quality possible to our customers.

Remote Hands Services

With our colocation program, we provide a large number of complimentary remote hands services to our clients to complete basic service tasks. Some of these include:

  • 24/7 power control with rebooting capabilities
  • Button pushing
  • External device attachment/movement (CDROM, KVMIP, Adapters, etc.)
  • Blade Server additions
  • Hot/Cold swappable PSUs
  • Screen readouts
  • Initial server racking and initial cabinet wiring labor (client must provide rack rails when necessary and cabling/material)

Apart from the above, we also provide other remote hands tasks which our clients can avail for flat rates. These tasks include:

  • Download, burn and attach ISO  @$25
  • Internal HDD replace/install  @$25
  • RAM replace/install @$25
  • Motherboard replace/install @$35
  • Add-on PCI card install @$25
  • BIOS configuration/troubleshooting up to 15 minutes @$25
  • Rack new server / Run neat cabling / Record port attachment @$25/server
  • 24X7X365 Customer Support

Our clients around the globe are used to responsive and consistently high-quality support. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in this area and provide on-site support engineers who continually stay online all year long to take queries from our clients. These on-site support engineers are people who have undergone high-quality employee training and can answer to every possible query a client could have related to QuadraNet services.

Flexible Cloud Services

Cloud has been a vital part of online organizations over the past few years. QuadraNet also excels in this field. We provide cloud services which can be customized according to your online resource size.

Our cloud services are billed on an hourly basis which starts with a mere price of tag of less than $00.008 an hour which equals to an approximate figure of $5.81 per month. Our cloud clients also don’t have to worry about OS support as our service supports a wide variety of operating systems, ranging from CentOS to FreeBSD to Windows. We also allow our clients the power to scale their cloud package instantly.

On special requests, we also provide a private cloud service which is built on the expertise of a QuadraNet Cloud Specialist who evaluates your requirements and creates a cloud package custom tailored according to your requirements.

Geographically Diverse Data Center Locations

Thanks to time and the trust of our clients, we have proudly expanded our data center locations to America’s most connected cities. These cities include the likes of  Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and the most recent one being New Jersey. This expansion has immensely helped us in improving our service quality and providing to clients from different areas of the globe.

Our aim for this Valentine’s Day is to maintain our service standards for our clients to celebrate the special day without having to worry about their online business. In return, we only expect our clients to keep faith with our company and spread the love around the globe.