Why Choose QuadraNet’s Asia Optimized Network

Within our Los Angeles datacenter location, where we operate a datacenter in Downtown LA and Los Angeles Century (located near the LAX Airport), we provide two segregated premium network blends – which we call our regular network, and our Asia Optimized network. Within these datacenter locations, we provide dedicated servers, datacenter space, public cloud and private cloud solutions, as well as managed hosting services.

This post is intended to describe the purpose of our Asia Optimized network to determine whether or not it will be a good fit for your needs.

Typically, users reaching out to the USA from China or Taiwan have a hard time due to saturation of peering ports operated by Chinese residential ISP’s. They suffer from high latency and packet loss which severely diminishes their Internet experience on websites hosted in the USA. As the poor service is actually isolated on these users’ ISP’s it is very difficult for them to overcome.

In August of 2010, we have developed a specialized segment of our network specifically aimed at optimizing routing paths to provide Chinese and Taiwanese users with as good an experience as possible into the USA. In fact, we were the first ones to invent an Asia Optimized network – and we’ve seen a highly positive response from the Chinese community as a result of this new segregated network.

Through specifically designated blocks of IP Addresses, a special selection of transit backbones, hand picked peering relationships, and a whole lot of continuous networking labor we have been able to provide the majority of Chinese and Taiwanese users with latencies around 200ms or lower and speeds fast enough to max out their residential broadband connections.

QuadraNet has a 24×7 networking team which specializes in maintaining our Asia Optimized network, ensuring the highest level of performance possible. We are constantly working to improve our possible route choices to make live changes should any specific paths become congested or problematic and dedicated a segment of our IP space to this allows our Asian traffic to directly benefit from these changes all without affecting the thousands of other clients who may not have any interest in this product. Additionally, should any Asia Optimized network customers have any route suggestions, or should things look amiss, they are welcome to contact our team where we can adjust routes in + out accordingly.

When it comes to Asia Optimized connectivity, it is critical to remember that latency is not everything. While it does play an important factor, network stability, stable routes, paths, and a 24×7 networking team also plays a major factor into the equation of delivering optimized network performance. With QuadraNet’s Asia Optimized network blend, you can be assured you will be receiving the highest level of stability and network connectivity to Asia!

In addition, our network is protected from DDoS attacks in real time by Radware DDoS mitigation technology. QuadraNet VEST DDoS protection is powered by Radware, the leading security appliance company which also actively protects PayPal, eBay, and other Inc 500 companies today. We have tested dozens of other DDoS mitigation solutions on the market prior to selecting Radware as our partner, and we’re confident we are able to deliver true and NON-oversubscribed protection with QuadraNet VEST. And yes, we successfully protect from even the most sophisticated type of attacks!

You can test our Asia Optimized IP:
Our Asia Optimized network blend includes China Telecom CN2, PCCW, and ChinaUnicom. We also peer with HiNet Taiwan!

If you have any questions regarding our Asia Optimized network, or if you would like a quote for any dedicated server or colocation services, please fill out the form below.