Which Vest DDoS Solution is Right For You?

Earlier this year, QuadraNet released their new Vest DDoS Mitigation services. Vest is available to QuadraNet customers in 3 different levels of service.

• Vest Detect & Mitigate
• Vest Always On
• Vest Dedicated

How do you know which one to choose?

Let’s take a look at each service level and what they have to offer.

Vest Detect and Mitigate

Vest Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection uses a volumetric detection procedure to detect if your network devices are experiencing a DDoS attack. Volumetric detection relies on traffic volume and frVestDDoSHeadlineequency of known protocols. If the event volume and frequency exceed safe limits, the DDoS attack is detected, and traffic is shifted to our scrubbing center.

Vest Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection uses signature based mitigation to mitigate threats once detected. This mitigation method uses attack signatures to quickly block the attacks that are most frequently seen in the wild.

Vest Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection can handle a maximum capacity up to 30Gbps of attack traffic. When an attack occurs, the client will be notified via QuadraNet’s ticketing system regarding the attack size parameters. Clients will also receive notifications whenever an attack exceeds thresholds, and when the attack ceases. There is also an option to request that QuadraNet’s network engineers create a one-time report about the incident that occurred. These reports are available for $50 per occurrence.

Vest Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection is a reactive DDoS solution. Reactive management means that we will respond reactively to attacks that occur and resolve issues as they arise.

Vest Always On

Vest Always-On DDoS Protection uses the same volumetric detection procedures as Vest Detect and Mitigate DDoS Protection and adds the use of behavioral DDoS detection. Behavioral detection uses your real traffic to establish patterns and baselines in-line so that anomalies can be discovered and classified.

With Vest Always-On DDoS Protection, incidents are mitigated using both signature based mitigation and network anomaly mitigation techniques. Anomaly mitigation is linked with behavioral detection. Once your traffic patterns are well known, anomalies can be classified by heuristics and mitigation actions can be undertaken.

Vest Always-On DDoS Protection can handle attacks that receive up to 40Gbps of malicious traffic. In addition to alert notifications via the ticketing system, the intelligence and reporting portal inside of QuadraNet’s NEO control panel allows you to look at traffic samples, generate compliance reports, and get in-depth information about previous attacks and the countermeasures used. At this level of service one-time attack reports are provided at no charge.

Vest Always-On DDoS Protection is a proactive DDoS solution. QuadraNet’s network engineers will perform maintenance and analyze your attack history to make changes to improve and maintain service reliability.

Vest Dedicated

QuadraNet’s most comprehensive solution to DDoS attacks is the Vest Dedicated service level. At this level, custom-built detection rules allow QuadraNet to perform traffic sampling in-line or out-of-path, or use flow data for larger networks. Detection methods are fine tuned to suit your business’s specific requirements.

When an attack on the Vest Dedicated platform occurs, mitigation is handled via a cloud-based system. Cloud mitigation enables QuadraNet to shift legitimate and attack traffic to global scrubbing centers around the world allowing a defensive solution that is capable of protecting against large volumetric attacks.

Vest Dedicated is capable of protecting your network devices from attacks that are upwards of 40Gbps of attack traffic. QuadraNet’s ticketing system will alert you of incidents and the NEO control panel’s intelligence and reporting portal will allow you to look at traffic samples, generate compliance reports, and get in-depth information about previous attacks and the countermeasures used.

Vest Dedicated is a custom solution that is engineered to give you exactly the service you need with guaranteed response times that meet your particular business needs.

Regardless of which DDoS Mitigation service level you choose, the highly trained staff at QuadraNet is ready to assist you in keeping your network attached business resources always available.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in deciding which Vest product is best for your organization, please contact the sales department at sales@quadranet.com or call 1-855-5QUADRA