What Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Cover in 2018

No matter how secure your hardware or software is, the risk of losing critical business data will always haunt you as an IT firm owner. This is why a good disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential for your IT firm in today’s world.

Though the figures vary from firm to firm, IBM’s estimate (as of 2016) of the yearly overall cost of online data loss suggests that business owners lose over $3 trillion per year in the US alone. Therefore, it is safe to say that an online downtime could substantially ruin an online firm’s status in the market. However, having the following areas checked while setting up your data recovery plan almost nullifies the chance of any downtime, thereby saving a fortune of your firm’s money.

Analysis Of Possible Threats

Most business owners find it hard to figure out where to start while planning their IT disaster recovery (DR). This is because most of them are complete amateurs when it comes to a disaster recovery plan. However, just like any other mainstream business issue, this has a simple solution.

While setting up an IT disaster recovery plan, your primary objective should be to properly analyze each area of your business where an IT disaster could occur. For doing so, you must check your server strength, hardware strength, data storage units, DDoS protection, etc.

The occurrence of different types of IT problems is unpredictable. Some problems are more likely to occur while some are not. However, if you analyze all the possible disasters, you guarantee a secure periphery for the data circulated within your business.

Reliable Staff

It is safe to say that almost no online firm owner specializes in the IT data management aspect of their company. This is why they turn to other firms or freelancers who provide such services. But most business owners make the mistake of not spending enough money on their data recovery staff and solely focus on the primary niche of their business.

While some get away with it, not spending on a good staff usually results in an eventual loss of the firm’s data. This is why you must make sure to invest on a personnel of professional IT experts who you can rely on to keep your data secure.

With over a decade of experience in the field, QuadraNet makes sure to provide staff of the highest quality to the client. For doing so, we follow custom curated policies and procedures while hiring our staff.


Each firm in the world operates in its own distinct way and has its own way of providing services to its customers. Hence, there are no conventions while setting up an IT disaster recovery plan in a business. However, setting up the plan according to future business goals and leveling each area of your business according to their importance makes things a lot easier.

While most business owners are not familiar with the IT related tasks within their business, they are highly accustomed to the priorities of their business. Hence, applying an optimum amount of precautions in each area becomes an easy task. By doing so, not only does the company get an efficient disaster recovery plan, it also saves tons of money which you might have spent without setting up the plan according to your priorities.

Backup Solutions

No matter how secure your IT disaster recovery plan is, it can’t be completed without adequate backup solutions.

While most firms have strict measures for a safe circulation of their data, it can easily be misplaced or completely deleted by a staff member’s mistake or via a malware attack. As previously mentioned, this could lead to a loss of over thousands of dollars an hour, further giving the firm a bad reputation in the market. However, by having a good backup unit for all the critical data within your company, you can easily avoid being a victim of data loss.

Having partnered with R1Soft in recent times, QuadraNet also specializes in the field of backup solutions. Our backup solutions provide a redundant amount of power to the client fulfilling all of the client’s requests and providing space for future upgrades. Apart from that, we also provide various remote based services through which the client can track down and make updates on their critical data. These include bare metal restores, individual file restores, scheduled backups, etc.

Regular Testing Routine

After setting up your IT disaster recovery plan according to your firm’s requirements, the next step is to test out your plan’s efficiency.

Most business owners make the mistake of not tracking their DR plan after it has been curated. As time goes by, this turns out to be a huge mistake as the plan which was originally thought to be of great efficiency turns out to be ineffective.

While believing in your plan is essential after you have set it up, having it regularly tested is a necessity. This is because the field of IT is growing so fast and one can hardly consider themselves as immune from any kind of problems. Therefore, you must consider scheduling timely practice routines for your DR staff under expert supervision.


With time, each area in your firm calls for an update in its manner of working, and your IT disaster recovery plan is no different.

You might establish the best possible IT disaster recovery plan for your firm which checks out all the necessary boxes asked by your firm. You also test out your plan on a regular basis. However, your plan stays incomplete until you keep applying the latest precautionary tools to it. By doing so, you help your firm build a good defense against the ongoing trends of data loss.

At QuadraNet, we make use of our geographically dense datacenter locations across the USA to create custom tailored IT disaster recovery (DR) plans for our clients. Our locations include the heavily connected cities of Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and New Jersey. All of these locations are currently within our reach for setting up your DR plan. With time, we hope to grow further and help clients from other parts of the world in achieving their business goals.

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