What the Red Hat, Inc. and CentOS Merger Means

Red Hat, Inc. (RHT) has acquired the CentOS project, teaming up to create a “new CentOS”, as the Governing Board terms it. The previous Governing Board was comprised of five core members, which is being increased to a total of nine, one of whom (Fabian Arrotin) was nominated by the CentOS community, and three of whom (Carl Trieloff, Karsten Wade, and Mike McLean) were appointed by Red Hat, Inc. Four of the Governing Board members will move and begin operating out of the CTO’s Office at the Red Hat Open Source and Standards team.


The CentOS team announced that the core CentOS linux platform will not be changing. The primary difference that users can expect to experience will involve the “process and methods” by which the platform abides. Essentially, the CentOS team is hoping that the platform will become “more open, more inclusive, and [more] transparent.” Bug reporting and issue/incident handling is expected to remain the same, though the team also announced that it would create additional opportunities for the community to become increasingly involved in the process.

redhat-logo1The new members of the Red Hat team emphasized that they will be working for Red Hat, Inc., but not for RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), which remains a fully separate platform. The CentOS project also intends to hold “office-hours format hangouts” in order to answer questions and run conversations about the platform, the merger, and what the future holds for the project and team. More information about that can be found at http://wiki.centos.org/OfficeHours. Additionally, a new website for CentOS has been launched, providing for easier access to view CentOS EL7 progress, news/events, and the sponsors of CentOS – it is available at http://www.centos.org/.

As a significant number of its clients use CentOS as their primary server operating system, QuadraNet, Inc. will be closely monitoring the progress and status of the CentOS-RedHat merger and will send out timely updates should they be necessary.