This Week in Vintage Hardware: The Screensaver


The screensaver isn’t vintage is it? Oh, yes it is! Well, it’s definitely not hardware! Well true, but it came to be because of the hardware of its time.  Although, most computers now come EyfYn6A
with an option to put a screensaver on most just dim the screen till a key strike or mouse click takes place. Some of these “youngsters” don’t even realize the importance of the name. Screensavers had one job and that was to save the screen. Granted not a very original name, but it did its job and in a creative fashion most of the time.  Save the screen from what? How about from having an after image “burned” into the screen permanently by leaving the screen idle too long with the same image. Current monitors, TVs and anything with else with a screen don’t have this problem since technology has progressed and moved away from plasma or old CRT screens. Yet, even though they may no longer be necessary there is still a bit of nostalgia of the good old days when screen savers had pipes, flying Windows logos, brick mazes and all the screensaver classics.