This Week in Vintage Hardware: The Hercules

sq3pbmonochromeThe Hercules graphics card was a masterpiece for its time. Originally released back in 1982 it had two display modes; standard (320X200) and high (640X200). Its original price point of $499 was nothing to scoff at either. By today’s standards a $500 dollar graphics card is definitely top tier and should run almost any graphics heavy game on the highest possible settings. Although graphics card companies always love to show off the future of graphics with several thousand dollar cards such as the newly featured GeForce GTX 980 Waterforce.

Color monitors were scarce when it was released, but it could work with the proper monitor to display colors. However, it was more appreciated for its complex grey scale imaging. It had the ability to have more contrast than other graphics cards were able to at the time. It also had the ability to have dual monitors when installed next to a VGA port. It was a beauty of its time and maybe if we’re lucky GeForce will do a throwback to it. One simply doesn’t have a name like Hercules and not deliver!

Hercules_Graphics_Card (1)