This Week in Vintage Hardware: The CRT Monitor

7209978Before there was LED, LCD, or just a monitor that didn’t weigh 20 lbs., there was the cathode ray monitor, commonly known as CRT. Although the CRT monitor may not be completely dead, they’re certainly dwindling in use, and can’t be bought brand new anymore, save for perhaps specialty shops. You may be able to see some remnants of the past in libraries, thrift stores, and a few schools. For most of us, the CRT monitor was probably our first monitor, and it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

So many fond memories of the good old CRT monitor — days in which the internet was still but an infant. If you wanted to tilt the screen forward, it always felt like there was a chance it could faceplant and potentially kill your cat in the process (my cats were always rubbing on it for the heat). Perhaps more memorable than anything is that weird off-vanilla white color all of the earlier models had. The color would dim and get a “dirt” look until more stylish black and silver monitors came about years later. It reminds me a simpler time with less technology and fewer gadgets. CRT monitor: your time has come to an end, and I can say without a doubt, your heavy self will not, even remotely, be missed!