The Week in Vintage Hardware: The Vintage Tech Ad

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and not only appreciate a computer’s hardware but some of the advertising that brought that hardware the success it deserves. Most of these ads are 30+ years old, and yet the advertising mechanics seem to have not aged a day. Here are some of the very best ads for these now billion-dollar giants.

  1. Who’s keeping up with the Commodore? No one! Now put a shirt on and leave the girls on the sofa. With its 64K memory and being one of the more popular personal, portable computers or, in present day terms, laptops, this ad is one of the better ones. In all honesty who doesn’t want to be at the pool with their laptop, sipping mimosas?
  2. Apple is the power house of vintage ads. This Benjamin Franklin advertisement is no different. The true beauty behind the ad is that if you swap out the computer and replace it with a MacBook Air, the ad could virtually remain unchanged. The best part is the joy oozing from his face as if just looking at the computer is going to send him flying away on his
    kite, propelled by the pure amazingness of the computer.
  3. In recent months Bill Cosby has been in the news for some very severe accusations which we…won’t get into. However, at one time Bill Cosby was at the apex of Hollywood and advertisers wanted Cliff Huxtable all over their product. Selling Jell-O is, perhaps, one of the things Mr. Cosby is better known for. At one time Texas Instruments had him as their primary go-to guy. In this ad you can see his ever-trusting face just screaming that TI is “Cliff Huxtable-approved.”