The New Chinese Sales Representative

Hello everyone,

My name is Yue Ma. I just joined QuadraNet’s Sales department as Asian Region Sales Representatives. I come from China where I spent more than 20 years. I had a bachelor degree in Marketing in China. Then I got accepted by University of Southern California, so I came to the United States two years ago to study, and I have been living in Los Angeles since then.  I am now still studying in a graduate Communication Management program with an emphasis in marketing communication and I will graduate in May 13, 2011.

Before I worked for QuadraNet, I did a couple of internships in marketing and public relations for school credits only which did allow me to get some hands-on experience.  I am very excited to start my first job as Asian Region Sales Representatives at QuadraNet. My most related experience would be that I used to help one of my friend preparing marketing materials for his web hosting start-up business back in China. This gave me an early insight into the Web Hosting world. But here at QuadraNet, it has been challenging to learn quickly with the help of my helpful colleagues and also by myself in order to answer clients’ inquiries and requests as an expert.

As a bilingual speaker in Chinese and English who is seeking for a career in sales after graduation, I feel very thankful to have this perfect opportunity at QuadraNet. First, I can directly apply what I’ve learned from school in terms of customer relations management and new customer development to my everyday work. In addition, I am mainly looking into a targeted customer group: Chinese speaking customers. With my cultural background and Chinese language skills, I am dedicated to communicate with Chinese customers in their own language under their cultural settings, which helps to decrease difficulties in communication while improve customer service.  There are already a couple of Chinese customers excited about the fact they can now ask questions or send follow-ups in Chinese. I’m glad that I can actually contribute here on my first day and make the bridge for Chinese market.

The most recent project that I am working on is to create more appearance of QuadraNet in different Chinese online forums talking about web hosting. From my research so far, the market potential in China is far beyond imagination.  I absolutely have faith that we are able to seize more opportunities in the global market. I’m looking forward to growing with QuadraNet in future.

Thank you!