The Importance of Datacenter Location

The Importance of Datacenter Location

Our goal at QuadraNet is to provide the best in datacenter connectivity and technology at an excellent price but we are also here to help educate the consumer as well.

If you happen to be the person answerable for the IT operations of a thriving business, there will come time housing your own equipment in the corporate office will no longer be sufficient as your datacenter. You are going to face a challenging task to evaluate and choose a datacenter that is secure, redundant, reliable and cost effective. The intent of this article is to highlight the importance of datacenter location and to offer a recommendation of our services.


To start off with what is a datacenter?

A datacenter is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. The datacenter generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls including UPS Battery Backup Units, HVAC and CRAC cooling units, and distribution routers not to mention security devices including biometric fingerprint scanners, internal surveillance systems,  manned security check points etc..

Datacenter location is of paramount importance when deciding where to host your dedicated servers or where you choose to setup collocation services.

Datacenter Ladder Cableing

Location is important but what about the type of Internet Service Providers your datacenter is connected to?

Having a datacenter that is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers is ideal. Tier 1 ISPs are large national or international ISPs. They are directly connected to the Internet backbone and can be considered part of the backbone itself. They have the highest speed connections and very reliable networks

The larger and more network providers the data center allows access to the better chances you have of bypassing network issues. Internet Exchange Points or IXP’s are peering points where major network providers come together to share network connectivity. QuadraNet is located ideally next to one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in the world.


In this new decade with rapid advancement in telecommunication technology the One Wilshire Building has emerged as the premier communications hub of North America and the whole of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Argentina. The Wilshire building and the surrounding area is renowned internationally within the telecommunications industry as the single most vital point of connectivity in the Western United States.


One Wilshire is home to practically all of the market leaders in the telecommunications industry. The structure currently houses over 240 telecom service providers such as: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Level 3 Communications, Worldcom, Zayo Group, Century Link (Qwest), Sprint, Time Warner, Global Crossing and Cogent.


QuadraNet’s headquarters is located in the heart of one the largest and most well known of these major Internet Exchange Points. QuadraNet is one of the very few data centers that has direct connectivity to the 1 Wilshire Meet-Me-Room which houses the world’s most densely populated Meet-Me-Room with hundreds of telecommunication providers offering connectivity.


When selecting a datacenter provider, companies should pay particular attention to the flexibility in carrier choice, but also to the number of carriers a provider has if a provider works with many major carriers, companies have a better chance of receiving the exact data center connectivity they require.


QuadraNet is the ideal datacenter location which can provide the same connectivity at a fraction of the cost. QuadraNet’s Los Angeles facilities total a whopping 50,000-plus square feet of privately owned and operated datacenter space. We operate one of the largest footprints in Los Angeles with direct access via conduit to One Wilshire Meet-Me-Room.

QuadraNet is located at 530 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, California 90014. We are one of the few datacenters that has direct connection to 1 Wilshire meet-me-room.