Tailoring The Cloud

With the “cloud” epidemic in full swing, we’ve been working tirelessly on bringing a product to the market that fulfills the actual goals of the cloud. The purpose isn’t just to create a new platform so that techs everywhere can justify to management why a company should invest in the latest craze – the purpose is to create something revolutionary that actually increases productivity and performance while decreasing price. And that’s what we set out to do with the InfraCloud.

cloud-toolsYou may not know that QuadraNet has an entire team of developers working behind-the-scenes, but in truth, we’re all about innovation. As a tech whose company has a need for server hosting, our goal is to let you play with a new platform that also gets the job done in a revolutionary way. That’s why we constantly test and retest our products from a client’s perspective.

Recently, you may have noticed that our three “quick plans” for the InfraCloud went down in price. We reworked our “InfraBlue”, “InfraOrange”, and “InfraRed” plans to be better tailored to clients’ needs. The basic cloud instance, InfraBlue, starts at $0.02 cents per hour (about $13/month) and includes a single virtual core with 512MB memory and 5GB disk space. The highest-spec’ed “quick plan” instance comes with three virtual cores, 3GB memory, and 40GB disk space, which prices out at about $0.079 cents per hour ($58/month). Any of the “quick plans” can be instantly upgraded via our InfraCloud Management Portal.

We also love feedback from our clients and take it very seriously. If you have a chance you’d like to see implemented or suggestions about how we can improve our interfaces, send an email to development@quadranet.com or support@quadranet.com and let us know! We’re only happy if you’re happy!