September 2017 Newsletter Edition

Welcome to the September Edition – QuadraNet Newsletter!

Welcome to the September 2017 Edition of the QuadraNet Newsletter! In this newsletter, we go over a couple company-wide changes we’ve implemented, as well as touch base on some recent events. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for reading!

QuadraNet’s Experience with TechDay 2017

This past week, QuadraNet attended and exhibited at TechDay 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. This one-day event took place at The Reef, in Downtown Los Angeles on September 14, 2017. If we had to sum up our experience in two words, we’d say productive and efficient. The amount of networking and connecting we were able to produce at TechDay was incredible for a one-day event.

QuadraNet looks forward to attending other networking conventions throughout the year. If you have a particular networking event in mind that you feel we should represent at, please feel free to submit your suggestion to us via e-mail.

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Keeping Your Business Afloat During Natural Disasters

Excellent news! Due to redundant infrastructure in place, as well as our facility being built structurally to endure a storm, we’re pleased that we were able to maintain services and support in our Miami datacenter during Hurricane Irma, with zero downtime!

On that topic, read this new QuadraNet blog post to learn about the measures that you can take to ensure your business stays online during natural disasters.

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QuadraNet expands enterprise presence with new Director of Operations, Andrew Moore

QuadraNet is also pleased to announce the internal promotion of Andrew Moore to the position of Director of Operations. Previously Support & Facilities Manager, Mr. Moore will now be spearheading technical projects that ensure QuadraNet’s growth and client-centric innovation under his new role.

Commenting on his new role as Director of Operations, Moore states, “After increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality within our support department, I am pleased to pass on the torch to Rafael Oganesyan, who will now be in the role of Support Manager. My focus and primary motivation remains the same, creating value and improving quality of services for QuadraNet’s customers.”

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QuadraNet Announces Support Manager Appointment of Industry Veteran, Rafael Oganesyan

QuadraNet is pleased to announce the addition of Rafael Oganesyan to their management team with his recent appointment as Support Manager. Mr. Oganesyan will oversee the responsibilities required to continue the company’s goal of continuous improvement to client experience and technical support.

As Support Manager, he will enhance policies and make meaningful contributions to assure QuadraNet’s support department continues to run at the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, and delivers the best quality of support to clients at all times.

Have you interacted with Rafael yet, when interacting with our support department?

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QuadraNet Introduces China Telecom CN2 into Network Blend

Effective immediately, QuadraNet Los Angeles has finalized the addition of China Telecom “CN2” into its premium Los Angeles network mix. With this additional carrier, clients will benefit and receive significant network latency and throughput improvements for traffic that is being sent to, and received from, China.

The inclusion of this telecom provider’s routes will not only improve the network traffic performance for QuadraNet’s own clients, but it will also make a meaningful impact for the global Internet community — benefiting the millions of connections that are processed through QuadraNet’s Los Angeles network on a daily basis. Clients with traffic primarily in China will, for the first time, be able to reach Mainland China locations directly — no longer will such traffic be subjected to less efficient routes. QuadraNet maintains private uplinks to both China Telecom and China Unicom. As a service provider that has a long-standing history of making significant and client-focused investments that provide optimized dedicated server, colocation, and cloud hosting services to territories in Asia, QuadraNet continues to reach this goal with the embracement of China Telecom CN2 into its Los Angeles self-healing network blend.

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Thank You!

That wraps it up for this edition of the QuadraNet newsletter – thank you for reading!

We thank you for being a loyal partner with QuadraNet – we appreciate your business. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help in any way we possibly can.