September 2016 QuadraNet Newsletter

Welcome to the September edition of the QuadraNet Newsletter!

As September comes to an end, there are some exciting new developments taking place at QuadraNet that we would like to share with you.

In this month’s newsletter, we will introduce you to Andrew Moore who was recently promoted to the position of Support and Facilities Manager. You will also learn about the cold aisle containment project that is underway in our Los Angeles datacenter and we ask for your opinion on our latest plans for datacenter expansion.

As always, if you need any assistance or have any questions about our company and services, please feel free to contact us.

QuadraNet Promotes Andrew Moore To Support and Facilities Manager

Los Angeles based leader in Datacenter Solutions, Hosting, Managed Services and Security Services, QuadraNet, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Moore to the position of Support and Facilities Manager for the company.

Before taking on his new role at QuadraNet’s Los Angeles Headquarters, Mr. Moore managed QuadraNet’s Miami facility for over two years. Andrew had an interest in moving to Los Angeles in the past and when QuadraNet made an offer to work at the company’s LA headquarters; it was an easy decision for him to make.

When asked to comment about his new position, Andrew stated, “I will be working very closely with the support team to make sure that QuadraNet customers get the best level of technical support we can possibly provide.”

With the recent hiring of Chief Revenue Officer, Kelby Dennard, QuadraNet has made a commitment to growing its enterprise level product offerings and customer base. Andrew continued to explain, “I’ll be working with Kelby to make radical changes to our existing support team to be able to offer a whole new level of service for the enterprise level customer that QuadraNet is acquiring.”.

Before starting at QuadraNet in Miami, Andrew operated his own business in the hosting industry and grew his company to over 10,000 customers. It was through this experience that he learned not only the ins and out of support, but facility management as well.

In his role as QuadraNet’s new facilities manager, Mr. Moore will be taking over ongoing projects at each of QuadraNet’s five datacenters as well as launching some new initiatives for the company.

QuadraNet founder, Ilan Mishan stated, “Andrew has been a valuable member of our staff for more than two years, and I’m excited to see him bring his new and fresh ideas to a companywide level.”


QuadraNet’s Cold Aisle Containment Project

In an effort to run a greener datacenter and reduce the company’s carbon footprint, QuadraNet has decided to implement a “Cold Aisle Containment” initiative at its Los Angles datacenter.

The project, headed by Director of Operations, David Morris and Support and Facilities Manager, Andrew Moore is well under way and is scheduled to be completed in October 2016.

The project is based on “Focused Cooling” where the cold aisles are designed to contain cold air generated from the datacenter cooling units by installing doors and tops to the aisles in between racks. Rows of racks are positioned so that two rows have the cold sides facing each other and the hot sides facing the opposite directions. The contained row in the middle becomes the cold air aisle.

When asked about the positive impact of the project, Andrew stated: “By containing the cold air in cold aisles, we not only increase the cooling capacity but also increase the cooling efficiency of the datacenter.” In a contained cold aisle, the ambient temperature of the air is lowered allowing QuadraNet’s cooling systems to maintain the cool air more efficiently. This also results in a reduced energy cost for the datacenter by allowing the equipment fans to operate at less than full speed.

Andrew continued, “Since QuadraNet’s Los Angeles datacenter was already configured with separate hot and cold aisle rows, creating a containment plan was an obvious solution in reducing our overall energy consumption.”

In addition to the environmental impact and cost savings attributes of a cold aisle containment configuration, there are fault tolerant advantages as well. “In the unfortunate event of a cooling unit going down, having the cold air contained in the aisles allows the other AC units to deal with the added workload more effectively and adds to the overall redundancy of the facility,” added David Morris.

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QuadraNet Looks To Expand Again

In an effort to continually improve and expand network infrastructure and product offerings, QuadraNet is looking to add a sixth datacenter city to their existing nationwide footprint and is looking to you for input.

Currently, QuadraNet’s corporate datacenter headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, and in the past few years, they have expanded their presence by adding facilities in Miami, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago Illinois.

While the QuadraNet management staff has been scouting out several new cities as a possible location, Seattle has risen to the top of their list.

Chief Revenue Officer, Kelly Dennard describes the possible Seattle expansions as, “50,000 square feet of raised floor data center with an additional 200,000 square feet that can be custom built out. The proposed location is 100% air-cooled, and has excellent fiber links into Pac-Asia, making it a hot point for the region. Overall it’s just a superb choice for a new QuadraNet facility.”

To finalize their decision, QuadraNet is asking for your input. Please fill out this form and let us know your thoughts on expansion into Seattle, as well as your recommendation for any other possible datacenter locations.