Resources & Tools

Resources & Tools

QuadraNet develops and makes available a number of tools and utilities both for clients and for the general public. Questions regarding these tools can be directed to Please note that these tools and resources are actively maintained, but not guaranteed, so we cannot offer any assurances regarding their use.

Network Status Monitor


IP Calculator

IP Calculator:

Calculate CIDRs, netmasks, gateways, and usable IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6 with ease.

Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator:

Generate up to 50 passwords at once from 8 to 24 characters, using your choice of uppercase, lowercase, numerics, and/or special characters.

QuadraNet API

Services API:

Write scripts to interface with our back-end.

Official Time

Official Time:

QuadraNet’s official timeclock. Provided in Pacific Standard Time (PST), this page should be used when requesting maintenance to be scheduled at a specific time or to find out if a particular department is open, etc.