QuadraNet/Xlitt Tours Newly Acquired Facilities Across the US

When QuadraNet acquired the Internet transit and transport provider, DB Transit, in December of 2015, they inherited several new bandwidth exchange sites in the transaction. Right after the acquisition, DB Transit’s assets were integrated into QuadraNet’s newly formed Xlitt.

QuadraNet Travels Across the USKate Gerry, QuadraNet’s Network and Facilities Director, recently completed a US tour visiting five strategic sites that were part of the DB Transit/Xlitt acquisition.   This US Tour included visiting facilities in Phoenix, AZ; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; Ashburn, VA and New York, New York.

Along the way, Ms. Gerry took a detailed inventory of the equipment in each facility and upgraded anything that was out of date.

According to Kate, “The trip provided some intimate insight into the new locations that were added to QuadraNet’s growing list of acquired facilities.”

Notable upgrades include Xlitt’s new, fully featured Ashburn POP, allowing a greater array of services to be offered under the Xlitt brand in this location.

To learn more about QuadraNet’s newest acquisition Xlitt and its services, please visit www.xlitt.com