QuadraNet Ubersmith Client Portal Tutorial

 QuadraNet Tutorial

QuadraNet has partnered up with Ubersmith to provide a Data Center Automation, Billing, and Customer support application. The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV.


This Ubersmith tutorial is going to walk you through with screenshots and instructions starting with the first email you receive.

Upon signing up for an account with QuadraNet you will receive the very first of three Welcome emails, your QuadraNet Client Management System Welcome email…

QuadraNet Welcome Email


This first email is going to provide you with a link to follow in order to access your Client Management System. You will also be provided your QuadraNet Login ID and Password as seen in this screenshot  Please make sure you save this email in a safe and secure place as it grants full access to your account details.




The second email QuadraNet Advanced Invoice Notification lets you know that the invoice has been created and contains instructions on how to make your payment, it contains invoice details as well as payment directions. Paying your invoice promptly helps expedite the provisioning process  QuadraNet offers two easy payment methods. You can pay your invoice(s) by credit or debit card that is a VISA, Mastercard, or American Express or by using PayPal.com. For larger purchases QuadraNet may require wire transfer. If you are required to make a wire transfer QuadraNet will notify via email of the process.

QuadraNet Inital InvoiceFollow the instructions in this email and reference the first email for your Login ID.






Once the invoice has been paid, payment is verified and the provisioning of the server is expedited you will receive the third and final of the Welcome emails. The third email is called the New Server Order, this email welcomes you to QuadraNet, lets you know the server has been provisioned and provides you access to the all-inclusive client portal of Ubersmith.

QuadraNet Provisioning





You can now click the hyperlink in the New Server Order email to access your all-inclusive client portal. You are now in the Ubersmith client portal where you have full control over just about every aspect of your account (see screenshot below). On the right hand side locate and click Billing & Services > View Services. From here you have a great overview of your account.

1). Is the Service Information and lists the services you currently have, you also get an overview of your billing cycle.

2). Is your Child Services these services include any additions you may add to your account such as larger network connection, more IP addresses, an operating system(such as Windows), another hard drive, or softwares such as cPanel and WHM. Your Child Services will also show a breakdown of these charges and how much more per month they cost.

3). Your Devices section shows how many servers you have and  lets you Client Servicesknow at a quick glance that your servers are up and running indicated by the green icon. You can click each device to drill down deeper and get more specific information about each service. Here is an example.

4.) IP &Networks shows your Public Network IP Range, Private Network IP, and Private Network IPMI IP. If you want to know what IP’s you have assigned in your range just click here or type in http://quadranet.com/ip/ and copy and paste your Public Network IP Range into the field and click calculate.

5.) The Custom Data section allows you to setup email notifications for bandwidth allotments so you are notified if you approach or go over your allotment thus allowing you to upgrade your services without incurring overages.

6.) Shows your Billing Information, here you can see the unpaid balance, status of the account (active or inactive), billing period etc..

7.) Bandwidth Billing which allows you to monitor both bandwidth input and output. You can click View Graph for a visual representation and to consult the graph for additional information.


In summary QuadraNet utilizes Ubersmith as a secure client portal. The client portal is a friendly interface to your hosting account which gives you the ability to manage Support, Billing, Services, and much more.  QuadraNet continues to add custom modules for it’s valued clients such as automated OS reloads for our dedicated server clients.

The QuadraNet Ubersmith Client Portal Tutorial has walked you through the initial phases of signing up for an account so you know what to expect and what information you have access to from the outset of opening an account.

For additional questions regarding any of our services or any information provided in this tutorial please contact our Sales department or visit us at http://quadranet.com/

1-888-578-2372 ext. 2 TollFree

1-213-614-9371 ext. 2 International

 Disclaimer: Any prices displayed in tutorial screenshots are for educational purposes only.