QuadraNet “Turns Up” Nationwide Rollout of Transit Circuits

When QuadraNet acquired an IP transit company near the end of 2015, they put together a plan to upgrade the former company’s network by taking on an initiative to turn up fifty 10Gig transit circuits across the United States and in Amsterdam.  This took months of preparation and research to get ready for such a monumental task.

QuadraNet’s Chief Technical Officer, Nick Carlson, reported, “This project was a tremendous team effort and consumed a lot of resources over the past few months”. TurnUpNewsletter

In doing this monumental task, QuadraNet has developed their own optimized procedure for turning up a new port and is ready to offer transit services in any of its locations.  “Through our recent experience in this project we are more prepared than ever to quickly and accurately turn up circuits for our transit clients” continues Carlson.

QuadraNet gained some valuable experience working with new facilities and learned the intricacies of several demarcation points where they can deliver service. Some key facilities that were involved in this nationwide rollout were, Equinix, Coresite, and Digital Realty Trust buildings. 

Mr. Carlson is happy to have the project finished and is very satisfied with the outcome. QuadraNet/Xlitt looks forward to continuing to serve their clients in these different markets.

If your organization is in need of transit services, please visit the Xlitt.com website.