QuadraNet Officially Accepts AliPay and Tencent WeChat Pay As Payment Gateways

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 1, 2018 — QuadraNet, Inc. is thrilled to announce the inclusion of Alipay and Tencent WeChat Pay (two new payment gateways) for accepting payment from clients. With the introduction of these two highly productive payment gateways, QuadraNet plans to make the payment process easier for our clients all around the world.

When the company was initially formed in 2001, QuadraNet aimed to revolutionize the datacenter industry by providing high-quality service and support to the clients. From Los Angeles to the surrounding areas and the rest of the world, QuadraNet has adapted the evolving customs and expanded its offerings simultaneously. The addition of these two leading payment gateways will make it easier for clients especially originating from China to easily access our services.

QuadraNet as a company has always valued customer feedback. Dustin B. Cisneros, Global Sales Manager of QuadraNet, commented: “Our client base is increasing every upcoming day from clients around the world. With the addition of Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Pay as new payment gateways that are now immediately available, we are confident that this will make it much more convenient for our clients from the Asia Region to utilize our services.”

Alipay is a leader in online and mobile payments. It consists of over 500 million users. With various add-ons the likes of Privacy Protection, World-Class Payment Security, and Real-Time Monitoring, it is no brainer how they have managed to gain so much success in such a short amount of time. On the other hand, WeChat Pay was launched in order to meet the needs of 1.1 billion QQ users. With multiple payment methods and cross-border settlement options, WeChat Pay is maintaining a strong foothold in the Chinese market.

QuadraNet, Inc., which initially started as a telecommunication provider in Los Angeles and has now grown to become a full-service data center provider, and provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and datacenter space, as well as cluster management and complex hosting solutions. With this expansion, they now accept payments via Alipay and WeChat Pay as well alongside credit card payments, certified funds, wire transfers, and PayPal. You can find more information about QuadraNet here: https://www.quadranet.com