QuadraNet New VPN Solution – Private Network

QuadraNet is pleased to announce that it has re-designed its VPN connectivity system, allowing for clients to easily access the private network through the QuadraNet VPN. The project, headed by Senior Support Engineer, Ryan Hamel was completed in May 2017. QuadraNet and its customers are pleased to report positive results since the completion of this project.

“This new VPN solution, powered by OpenVPN, replaces our previous SSL VPN system, and is now compatible with every operating system.” commented Ryan Hamel, “This new solution easily allows our clients to quickly login to a secure platform and manage their devices remotely from their platform of choice.”

QuadraNet will be featuring multiple endpoints for the new VPN solution to cater to our diverse client base. We currently have VPN infrastructure set up in our Los Angeles datacenter and will be opening a new endpoint in our Miami datacenter within the next week. Please note that it does not affect functionality in which endpoint location you connect to, you can still access your private network regardless of endpoint location. However, selecting the endpoint closest to your location will provide you with the best latency and speeds.

This feature will allow you to gain secure, private, and encrypted access to your dedicated server(s) Private Network interface(s). This features many ramifications including the ability to access your embedded IPMI, KVM over IP, and Power Control features of each server over the Private Network giving you more accessibility options in managing your server hardware.

An additional (and optional) advantage is the power to disable all public Internet-facing access to SSH/RDP and any other services/applications/ports, leaving access open only to connections originating on the internal Private Network. This will significantly reduce your risk of hacker intrusions.

There are many other examples of how to make use of the VPN, with one more being the ability to delegate VPN accounts to employees, staff, or customers to allow for secure and encrypted access to your portal(s), systems, etc. without the risk of leaving sensitive portals open to the public.

All QuadraNet client accounts have their own VLAN’ed private network segment. No other QuadraNet clients can access your network. This is a truly private, segmented network structure that allows complete security and privacy.

To get started with accessing the new VPN, log into our NEO client portal and under the “Tools” section, select “VPN.”