QuadraNet NEO Tutorial: Setting Up Your Support PIN

Did you know that QuadraNet offers 24×7 toll-free phone support? One of the controls we implement to authenticate requests from existing customers via phone by utilizing what we refer to as a “Support PIN.” It is imperative that your account has a Support PIN set up so you can request support on-demand via phone as well.

Within QuadraNet’s NEO client portal, you can create or edit your Support PIN.

  1. Log into NEO Client Portal
  2. Navigate to “Account” > “Profile”
  3. Under “Custom Data”, click on “Edit”
  4. On the pop-up, under “Access Control” you will be able to add or modify your 4-digit Support PIN. In the example below, we utilize the Support PIN “9053” as an example. Please set a 4 digit Support PIN that you are familiar with, and is not known by others.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with implementing a Support PIN for your QuadraNet account, please feel free to contact us.