QuadraNet Launches New Website

QuadraNet, Inc. launched an improved website today that features increased user-friendly navigation, online ordering capabilities, and a chat interface that allows potential customers to speak to a sales representative directly. The site is found at www.quadranet.com

The website redesign provides visitors with an interface that allows for uncomplicated navigation. Improved navigation will make it easier for visitors to find the latest updates on new services—such as the QuadraNet Infracloud—to the company blog which features technical tips and insight into the hosting world.

The QuadraNet website’s new online ordering capability allows viewers to configure a packaged deal for dedicated servers (single processor, dual processor, storage servers, or high bandwidth servers) and colocation solutions, in any of the 3 QuadraNet locations, with a single click. Additionally, if a visitor has any questions, the new sales chat interface allows for direct contact with a member of the QuadraNet sales team.

QuadraNet’s new website is complete with an image gallery of the QuadraNet Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami data centers depicting the large array of equipment on site. The pictures allow the visitors to see enterprise-class hardware—including the latest generation of Intel Xeon servers and Intel S3500 Solid State Drives.