QuadraNet Introduces Physically Secured Storage Lockers

StorageLockerQuadraNet recently announced an onsite “Physically Secure Storage Locker” service as the latest product available to their colocation clients. This new service allows clients to store their equipment in a secure, managed and inventoried environment at the Los Angeles datacenter.

For colocation customers, this means that instead of taking up valuable space in a rack to store supplies and non-network connected equipment, they can now rent dedicated and secure storage space at a fraction of the cost.

QuadraNet’s Provisioning Manager, Rory Cox stated, “This goes one step further than just having storage space. QuadraNet is controlling your inventory for you. By storing equipment onsite and having QuadraNet manage the inventory of the locker, a client can feel safe knowing that when they come to work at the datacenter, they know that the equipment they need will always be there”.

How does Managed Storage Locker Service work?

When a client requests the service, they are assigned a storage locker at the datacenter. When equipment is ready to be put away for storage, the physical equipment is handed to a QuadraNet datacenter employee who documents the equipment intake and updates a storage locker inventory list for that client. The equipment is then placed in the client’s dedicated locker, in a secured area of the data center that is also under 24/7 live video surveillance.

When a client needs a piece of equipment from their locker, they request it from a QuadraNet datacenter employee who accesses the secure locker, removes the equipment, “checks it out” of the inventory list and hands it to the authorized requester.SecureStorageLocker

QuadraNet is documenting everything: model numbers, serial numbers, manufacturers, date and time in, date and time out, and the person submitting or retrieving the equipment.

“This is more about inventory accountability than about the storage space,” continued Rory. “We feel this is a service that many of our clients need, but don’t realize it yet. So often a client thinks that they have hard drives or memory in inventory and arrive on site to install them, only to find out a different employee used the inventory on another project. Then their project gets delayed because they have to order more. This service puts an end to that.”

What do you think?

As we soft launch this product, we turn to you, our customers, to see what ideas you have to improve this new product offering. Please click here and fill out a brief form with suggestions and features you would like to see added to this new service.

How do I learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about QuadraNet’s Physically Secure Storage Locker service, please contact the sales department at 1-888-5-QUADRA or sales@quadranet.com