QuadraNet Introduces China Telecom CN2 into Network Blend

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 4, 2017 –  Effective immediately, QuadraNet, Inc., the leading provider of dedicated servers, colocation, managed hosting, DDoS mitigation, and data center solutions in Los Angeles, has finalized the addition of China Telecom “CN2” into its premium Los Angeles network mix. With this additional carrier, clients will benefit and receive significant network latency and throughput improvements for traffic that is being sent to, and received from, China.

The inclusion of this telecom provider’s routes will not only improve the network traffic performance for QuadraNet’s own clients, but it will also make a meaningful impact for the global Internet community — benefiting the millions of connections that are processed through QuadraNet’s Los Angeles network on a daily basis. Clients with traffic primarily in China will, for the first time, be able to reach Mainland China locations directly — no longer will such traffic be subjected to less efficient routes. QuadraNet maintains private uplinks to both China Telecom and China Unicom.

Expanding upon the issue in greater detail, Kate Gerry, QuadraNet’s Director of Networking discloses, “Historically, users sending traffic to the United States from China or Taiwan have experienced quality of service challenges due to saturation of peering ports operated by Chinese residential internet service providers. These users suffer the detrimental effects of high latency and packet loss which not only diminishes their Internet experience on websites hosted in the USA, but can also seriously impact businesses and their bottom lines. I’m excited to share with both our clients, and the community, that latency and routes to Asia will see a significant and immediate improvement.”

As a service provider that has a long-standing history of making significant and client-focused investments that provide optimized dedicated server, colocation, and cloud hosting services to territories in Asia, QuadraNet continues to reach this goal with the embracement of China Telecom CN2 into its Los Angeles self-healing network blend.

For more information be sure to visit https://www.quadranet.com.

About QuadraNet, Inc.

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