QuadraNet, Inc. drops prices on InfraCloud public cloud offerings

Los Angeles, CA. April 24, 2014 — QuadraNet, Inc., the premier provider of dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud hosting in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami, is pleased to announce today that it has significantly decreased prices on all of its cloud services.

“We received a great deal of enthusiasm about our cloud product, the InfraCloud,” stated Jordan Goldman, Director of Marketing, “and this price reduction comes as a result of wanting to stay competitive in an extremely fast-paced market.”

Previously, the most basic offering, “InfraBlue”, was offered at approximately $13.00/month. That same plan now includes triple the disk space (15GB compared to 5GB), comes with 1000GB of free bandwidth (data transfer) included, and is only $5.79/month. Similarly, the “InfraOrange” and “InfraRed” packages now include additional disk space and bandwidth as well, and prices have been cut by nearly two-thirds (62% less).

InfraCloud instances at QuadraNet, Inc. are now priced as low as $0.008/hour and are completely scalable up to 16 virtual cores, 16GB memory, and 450GB disk size. Additional IPs are available for $1/month per IP and additional bandwidth (beyond the included 1000GB transfer) is available for $0.01/GB. The new pricing schedule is in effect for all existing clients as well as new clients; the change was seamless and existing clients will notice the pricing decrease on their monthly invoices.

QuadraNet’s InfraCloud runs on an all-solid state drive platform and is completely configurable from within their management panel. InfraCloud allows clients to quickly install their choice of operating system, including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Windows 2008, or even a virtual load balancer. Additionally, QuadraNet employs a dedicated team of IT professionals to staff their 24x7x365 network operations center (NOC), based out of Los Angeles, CA.