QuadraNet in the News: Worldwide Datacenter Footprint Expansion

QuadraNet was recently featured on the media (HostingAdvice.com) – featuring an exclusive overlook regarding our latest datacenter footprint expansion, starring our very own CEO – Ilan Mishan!

“Expansion can be a risky proposition for a company — especially in the tech industry — as it requires faith that its efforts will result in greater market share. When it doesn’t work out, the entire business, even the part that was thriving, could be compromised.

Perhaps the best approach to expansion is meeting the ever-evolving needs of a vibrant customer base while attracting new clients along the way. That strategy has proven successful for hosting provider QuadraNet, which started as a telecommunications service in Los Angeles in 2001.

To keep up with developments in the industry and meet the needs of its own growing client base, it established a full-service datacenter in downtown Los Angeles in 2004.

The 60,000-square-foot facility, located in the Telecom Center building, features uninterruptible power supplies, CRAC units, independent distribution routers, and bandwidth in excess of 250 Gbps — which can scale to meet customer needs.

In a Nutshell: Since its inception as a telecommunications service in Los Angeles, QuadraNet has grown to offer an array of hosting solutions to clients around the world. The company now maintains datacenters in locations across North America, including its latest state-of-the-art facility in Seattle. QuadraNet’s Amsterdam datacenter extends the company’s reach to Europe, providing native and trans-Atlantic clients with high-speed, reliable service in the region. QuadraNet plans to continue its European expansion and deploy new hybrid cloud solutions to ensure it can meet the needs of any client in any location.”

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