QuadraNet Expands Service Offerings to MIAMI FLORIDA!

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QuadraNet.com™ expands dedicated server, cloud hosting, and colocation service offerings to Miami, Florida (East Coast USA)


Los Angeles, CA / Miami, FL – 02/06/2011

QuadraNet, the largest provider of dedicated servers and colocation in the Los Angeles area has announced today that they have further expanded their points of presence to include Miami, Florida. The new Miami POP will join QuadraNet‘s national presence which also includes Dallas, Texas.

The new location extends QuadraNet‘s presence to cover all 3 of the most densely populated regions of the USA including the West Coast, Central US, and the East Coast.

Miami was chosen for its distinct advantage in providing higher performance network connectivity to the East Coast regional USA, South America (with a focus on Brasil) and the Caribbean. It will also serve to provide lower latency to European customers and traffic for customers of QuadraNet in the USA due to increased proximity.

QuadraNet also has plans to optimize the Miami POP location to be one of the lowest latency networks in the USA for Brasilian customers and traffic. Christopher Gotzmann, Vice President of Sales for QuadraNet states – “We see value in the growing internet community and power of the Brasilian market and will be designing an optimized segment of our Miami network to allow us to make specific route changes and optimizations just for Brasil. We want to empower the Brasilian internet community and provide them with reliable, scalable, automated and high performance services for them to power their online business or presence and be worry free about sudden growth requirements and reliability.”

Mr. Gotzmann also stated – “We are the first provider on the west coast that has purpose-built a segment of our network in Los Angeles specifically optimized to Asian customers, with a focus on China. We are taking our experience, knowledge, and skills used in building the Los Angeles China Optimized Network and using them to achieve the same excellent results for South America/Brasil. To the best of my knowledge, we will also be leading the industry in Miami, by again being the first provider to purpose-build a network segment for a market that we believe shows true potential.”




QuadraNet‘s knowledge of the importance of its datacenter’s uptime and reliability, has led them to deeply consider and decide on the best partner possible in providing their datacenter infrastructure. Based on their research, QuadraNet has chosen CoreSite – Miami as the datacenter in which they have built their service offerings and infrastructure into.

Vice President of Sales for QuadraNet, Christopher Gotzmann, states – “Unlike many of the other datacenters in the Miami METRO area which have been squeezed into buildings previously built as commercial office space and showing their age; CoreSite’s Miami datacenter has been purpose designed and built to be a datacenter from the ground up, including additional structural safety features not normally seen in Florida such as earthquake reinforcement framing throughout the building.”


The facility in which QuadraNet‘s hosting infrastructure is based is a SAS-70 Type 2 audited and certified facility with 24×7 staffed security, surrounded by barbed wire fencing and secured on-site parking. The power system is fed from dual power grids with the primary system being underground and a first priority hospital grid for Jackson Memorial. The building has been purpose-built to be a mission critical datacenter that could withstand Category-5 hurricane winds and as such has no windows for maximum protection. CoreSite Miami is constructed at 30 feet above sea level and is located at one of the highest points in South Florida, making it an excellent location for primary or disaster recovery services. The QuadraNet facility in Miami has had 100% uptime since its inception in 2007.


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