QuadraNet – Exclusive Interview with HostingAdvice.com!

QuadraNet was recently featured on HostingAdvice.com’s “Survival of the Fittest” series – featuring an exclusive interview with our very own CEO, Ilan Mishan!

When Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution during his infamous 1835 voyage to the Galápagos Islands, I’d wager he didn’t have business innovation on the brain. Still, some 180 years later, his discoveries serve as a warning to businesses attempting to navigate the fine line between survival and extinction in an ever-changing marketplace: evolve or die.

From DDoS attacks that cause revenue-draining downtime to security breaches that destroy customer trust, predators in the hosting ecosystem are increasingly menacing. Fortunately, today’s professionals can lean on the skills of hosting providers like QuadraNet to prosper in a high-risk digital market. As a leading provider of scalable hosting and datacenter solutions, the company is poised to meet clients’ needs at any time. Ilan Mishan, QuadraNet’s CEO, told us the company’s offerings are designed to “grow as you grow.”

TL; DR: The eCommerce environment is becoming increasingly sink or swim, forcing businesses to find an edge or be taken down by fierce competition. After all, there’s a lot that can go wrong in the online marketplace, from the high cost of downtime to reputation-destroying security breaches. QuadraNet — a seasoned provider of dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud services — has centered its business on protecting client infrastructure and data from the very beginning. We caught up with QuadraNet CEO Ilan Mishan to learn how the company is helping clients outwit their rivals with some seriously smart hosting technology.

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