Tony DeLuce, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

QuadraNet Enterprises welcomes Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Tony DeLuce to join QuadraNet’s Cloud Business Unit

QuadraNet is pleased to announce a recent addition to its Cloud Business Unit; Tony DeLuce has joined as the company’s Senior Cloud Solutions Architect.


Tony will report directly to the Chief Cloud Officer, William D. Souder and will support cloud and channel sales efforts with well-architected solution designs. DeLuce will be instrumental in providing customer feedback, marketing support, and direct input to further Cloud product development.

Tony brings 20 years of technical solutions engineering experience, including leading solution engineering teams before coming to QuadraNet. His passion is solving complex customer problems with hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, and he brings extensive experience with BareMetal and VMware Private Cloud as well as AWS, Azure, and, most recently, GCP.


“Cloud computing is crucial as ever. Tony brings years of deep industry expertise, with an outstanding reputation in the solution architecture and design arena. We are confident that he will be a strong asset to the Cloud Business unit, which is growing rapidly and will help the unit to meet the surge in demand of cloud computing,” said Ilan Mishan, Founder and CEO.


As office and store closures across the globe pushed more activity online, the remote data storage and processing have become an essential link for many people to stay connected. There is a pressing need for cloud providers to keep cloud infrastructure properly operating.


“I am excited to join QuadraNet, an innovating leader in hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. QuadraNet’s QNMonitor is the world’s most comprehensive monitoring platform and provides the capability to monitor across every major Cloud provider and compare performance and cost. This analysis liberates our customers from being locked into a particular Cloud provider by providing the real-time and historical data necessary to select the best Cloud environment for their specific workloads,” says DeLuce.


Tony holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis. More recently, he graduated from Cal State Polytechnic, where he completed an M.S. in Computer Science.

Contact Tony DeLuce at or call (213) 614-9371 Ext. 138.

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