QuadraNet Colocation – Remote Hands Overview

About Remote Hands

“Remote hands” is a general name of a service provided for colocation customers that completes your physical server tasks remotely, ensuring all your service requests are just a phone call or click away. In simple terms, this means that you’ll be able to contact your colocation provider via phone/ticket at anytime and ask them to provide any requirement necessary. All you need to do is provide the details to the technician and let them physically perform tasks to your server as per your requirements.

Some outstanding, yet simple examples of a remote hands task include flipping a switch, pressing a button, or hooking up a monitor and typing in commands. Most of these tasks are relatively simple and do not require any exceptional skills, the convenience is the most important factor here. Just about anyone can do them. However, any task that forces the technician to configure any equipment or demand any specialized training and knowledge will require a datacenter with competent technicians who know the ins and outs of server administration. Most colocation providers do offer these services but normally at an additional add-on price.

Remote hands services have given colocation customers an opportunity to delegate between management and maintenance tasks and focuses on internal tasks simultaneously. It undoubtedly provides users a straightforward way to get their tasks done without putting any extra effort of travelling to their colocation provider. Just pick up your phone (or open a support ticket), fill in the technicians with necessary information and whoa, consider it, job done!

The primary aim of remote hands services is to allow the customer to focus on internal work instead of worrying about sending their technical staff to a specific colocation center numerous times to implement these, somewhat small tasks. Some colocation providers like to offer these services for free at no charge at all. In these type of cases, your provider may put restrictions on certain tasks whereas some providers provide the user with a particular time limit, either as per monthly basis or 15 minutes on each task.

The pricing of a remote hands service tends to vary as per colocation provider. Some providers usually invoice their clients on the basis of completed work every 30-minutes while other account customers to pay for a particular remote hand on a per hour or monthly basis. Remote hands services are also available to colocation customers who need them in case of emergencies or issues that need fixing outside of regular business hours.

Talking about colocation companies, QuadraNet is a company that has set the bar for other colocation remote hands services across the globe. We provide world-class facilities to users and always try our level best to please our customers throughout the year. No matter what your requirement are or the time of day, we guarantee that we’ll be there for you. Our unique service of putting our customers needs first has given us the tag of being one of the best colocation partners to work with in the world.

We at QuadraNet provide unique services to our customers:

We are a renowned company with a proven track-record for providing an unmatchable service to our clients at affordable rates. Complimentary remote hands services included for all colocation customers include:

  • Blade Server Additions
  • Button Pushing
  • 24/7 Reboots
  • Screen Readouts
  • External Device Attachment/Movement (CDROM, KVMIP, Adapters, etc.)
  • Hot/Cold Swappable PSUs
  • Initial Server Racking and Initial Cabinet Wiring Labor (client must provide rack rails and cabling/material when necessary)

All of these services already offer the freedom to you for choosing to opt for our services as per your preferred timing hours. As a matter of fact, our primary motive is to ensure that our customers get what they asked for at a price rate that they can easily afford. Moreover, positive feedback motivates us to further improve our services.

Services Provided at Flat Rates

We provide advanced remote hands services to our customers at reasonable rates. This fact is one of the main reasons why people tend to sign up for our services on a regular basis. As we offer advanced remote hands services to our clients at such rates, we’re attracting more customers than many other companies in the same field. Customer’s appreciation, in turn, provides us the much-needed motivation for actively solving tasks as per the user’s demand with no delays or mistakes. Some of the services include:

  • Internal HDD Replace/Install: $25
  • Rack New Server/ Run Neat Cabling/ Record Port Attachment: $25
  • RAM replace/install: $25
  • Add-on PCI card install: $25
  • BIOS configuration/troubleshooting up to 15min: $25

QuadraNet’s main aim is to put our customer’s wishes at the top and keep them happy throughout the tenure. Despite providing top-class remote hands services to customers at flat-rate additional services, we are always trying to improve our services in order to improve the quality of help that we provide to our customers and take care of their issues ourselves. This behavior has inspired clients to develop a long-lasting relationship with us as well. QuadraNet is built on a platform that keeps track of our customer’s needs ahead of profits. We have served many customers throughout the years and their love has helped us in becoming one of the leading datacenter service providers in the field.

Looking for a reliable datacenter partner?

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