QuadraNet Case Study – Yan Huang with Press Release Jet (PressReleaseJet.com)

Press Release Jet is a press release distribution company founded in 2015 by Yan Huang. After having first hand experience with many PR distribution companies, Yan wanted to make a revolutionary and innovative change in this space.

Today, Press Release Jet services Fortune 500 and INC500 companies to assist with increasing their visibility. Press Release Jet entrusts its public infrastructure today with QuadraNet, so we took the time to set up an interview with our very own customer – Yan Huang, CEO of Press Release Jet – who is here today to share with you about his story and also about his experience with using QuadraNet’s services.

Here is what he had to say:

1. Please talk a bit about Press Release Jet, when the company was founded, how it started, the problem it sought out to solve in the press release distribution industry, etc.

Press Release Jet was founded in 2015. While I was a digital marketing manager for a startup, part of my role was to help facilitate the press releases going out. After testing out about 10 PR distribution companies, I came to the findings that either there was no distribution (eg. went out to literally just their own site) or we were getting charged an arm and two legs (eg. $7000 for 10 PRs [supposedly that was a “good deal”, their words], that goes out to the exact media outlets that Press Release Jet offers with our $129 plan).

With an experience of running one of the most popular “Dragon Ball Z” fan sites in the world as a kid, and running a web design/development/marketing agency for 5 years in my early to mid 20s, I knew I could bring some real change to this industry in terms of both technical innovation and lowering the cost of service.

Today, we’ve helped from Fortune 500 and INC500 companies to many small business, startups and blockchain/cryptocurrency projects increase their visibility and get on popular media outlets including Forbes, Washington Post and Bloomberg.

2. Why did PressReleaseJet originally choose QuadraNet?

We wanted to optimize costs overtime by switching from cloud (Linode and AWS) to colocation. We wanted a datacenter partner that was directly connected to One Wilshire, with great network connectivity and just as important, prompt and professional support. We made the decision initially to try out QuadraNet with a dedicated server first (so we can be sure it serves our needs before investing in purchasing the server) because of the good reviews and professionalism on your site.

During the tests we ran, we found we needed an SSD instead of HDD due to IO bottlenecks that our application specifically requires. QuadraNet promptly helped us attach one. All tests ran excellent, and the QuadraNet team met/exceeded our expectations in terms of customer support each step along the way.

After that, we knew QuadraNet was the right long-term datacenter partner for us.

3. How does Press Release Jet feel about their overall experience with QuadraNet?

We are happy with our experience, both the datacenter services and customer support.

4. What kind of QuadraNet services does Press Release Jet utilize, and how do you anticipate growth in the future?

Currently, we are using QuadraNet’s colocation service with additional power, bandwidth and IPs. We will be adding additional servers to colocate within this month. We hope to continue to add more servers to our colocation environment as our business grows.

5. How does QuadraNet’s VEST DDoS protection solution help PressReleaseJet in protecting its public facing infrastructure and maintaining high uptime?

It is great to know / have the peace of mind that there is another layer of security, particularly on our database servers.

To find out more about Press Release Jet, please visit their website at www.PressReleaseJet.com

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