QuadraNet’s Backup Solution with R1Soft CDP

Having readily accessible and reliable backups for your mission critical data is not only a good idea, it’s a necessity! Data loss affects businesses of all sizes every day, resulting to $1.7 trillion dollars each year (source)

Until recently, it was not always feasible to establish a reliable and on-demand backup solution for storing your data. QuadraNet has partnered with R1Soft to offer our clients an ideal and comprehensive backup solution – with scaling and flexible backup options!

Are you a website owner? It’s very well possible that you or possibly someone else managing your site can accidentally delete a file that was important and critical to your website. What would you do if you didn’t have backups? Problem Solved!

Now with cPanel integration! Are you a shared hosting provider looking to provide your clients with back up options where they can restore this themselves if they use cPanel?

R1Soft allows you to perform bare metal restores, you can restore individual files and folders as well.

You can schedule your backups as you wish – daily, weekly, monthly and purge them as you wish within the R1Soft CDP portal. It includes many features such an an easy scheduling wizard, and you can browse files/folders via the web interface.

What’s holding you back from protecting your data? Don’t be a victim of data loss. Implement R1Soft CDP backups with your server today, and ensure that your data is protected at all times.

Ready to get started?

QuadraNet’s backup solution, in partnership with R1Soft is competitively priced — for a limited time, we have an exclusive offer which includes 1 CDP agent and 25GB of initial backup space for only $25.00/Month! You are also able to scale up to additional space as needed for only $0.35 per Gigabyte.

To move forward with this solution, e-mail sales@quadranet.com or give our backup specialists a call at 888-578-2372.