QuadraNet attends NANOG 68 in Dallas, TX

From October 17th to October 19th of 2016 QuadraNet and NANOG ventured to Dallas, Texas, for the 68th meeting of NANOG. The October event took place at the Fairmont Hotel in the Dallas art district, less than 5 miles away from QuadraNet’s Dallas datacenter. According to the organization’s website, “NANOG attendees will be provided a great opportunity to freshen-up skills, learn advanced networking techniques, discover new applications, as well as discuss intriguing policy issues.”

The event was timed shortly after the IANA Transition from Government to Private control. Scott Bradner, a senior figure in the area of Internet governance, gave an amazing speech on the creation of the IANA from the NWG(Network Working Group).

Kate Gerry, QuadraNet’s Network and Facilities director, attended the three-day event and represented the company. When asked if any particular session or speaker stood out above the rest, she responded: “In addition to Scott Bradner’s presentation, Vin Cert, one of the father’s of the Internet conducted an excellent speech on the last day of NANOG.” Kate also commented that Ron Winward, from Radware, an event sponsor and QuadraNet strategic partner, had some great comments on the financial effects of cyber-attacks.

All work and no play makes for a very boring NANOG. According to Ms. Gerry, the first night had an amazing social gathering for attendees at the Perot Museum. The networking opportunity took over four of the museum’s floors and was attended by many NANOG participants. Founded in 2006, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a natural history and science museum located in Dallas, Texas. The enjoyable evening was made possible by event sponsors CyrusOne, Juniper and SoftLayer

In February of 2017, NANOG will do this all over again in our Nation’s capital. NANOG 69 will take place at the Grand Hyatt Washington. Ranked by Forbes in 2013 as the number one new tech hot spot in the country, Washington, DC will serve as an excellent backdrop to this premiere industry event. When questioned about her anticipation of the NANOG 69 event, Kate stated, “I look forward to attending NANOG 69 in our nation’s capital, very close by to one of our Xlitt POPs in Ashburn, VA”.

If you are interested in meeting with a representative at QuadraNet during the NANOG 69 event, please contact our sales department at sales@quadranet.com and request a date and time to schedule a meeting.