QuadraNet announces client-controlled IP Nullrouting!

QuadraNet is proud to announce that development of a new client management portal has been completed.
All QuadraNet clients can now submit their own IPv4 addresses for automated nullrouting/blackholing (and subsequent re-routing).
Access to this capability is available via the all inclusive portal at https://manage.quadranet.com under the “Network Configuration” section.

This ability allows you to autonomously blackhole your own IPv4 addresses which may be under attack from a variety of different sources. The client-controlled blackholing is in addition to our already in-place automated DDoS attack monitoring and mitigation.

For those unaware, here is a brief description on what a nullroute will accomplish:

– Simple Explanation: All traffic to the IP will be dropped, and the IP will be completely unreachable from the Internet.

– More Detailed Explanation:
In computer networking, a null route (blackhole route) is a network route (routing table entry) that goes nowhere. Matching packets are dropped (ignored) rather than forwarded, acting as a kind of very limited firewall. The act of using null routes is often called blackhole filtering.

Null routing has an advantage over classical firewalls since it is available on every potential network router (including all modern operating systems), and adds virtually no performance impact. Due to the nature of high-bandwidth routers, null routing can often sustain higher throughput than conventional firewalls. For this reason, null routes are often used on high-performance core routers to mitigate large-scale denial-of-service attacks before the packets reach a bottleneck, thus avoiding collateral damage from DDoS attacks — although the target of the attack will be inaccessible to anyone.