QuadraNet and KernelCare Team Up To Offer Automatic Kernel Updates Without The Need To Reboot.

QuadraNet is proud to announce it’s most recent partnership with KernelCare. This new partnership brings the option for rebootless kernel updates to QuadraNet’s server customer.

KernelCare is a service that updates your running kernel and eliminates the need to reboot your server. Traditionally Linux servers have to be rebooted quite often to update security issues that arise in the kernel. Such reboots are often done during off hours to ensure the least amount of impact to end-users. In addition to stressing out system admins and adding to IT costs, kernel updates are often delayed. These delays can lead to catastrophic security exposure of your servers.

KernelCare solves this problem by applying security updates automatically to the running system without downtime and eliminating the need to reboot.

KernelCare is set to automatically check for new updates and apply them every four hours.


Some of the benefits of running KernelCare are:
• Minutes to setup
• Prompt patch roll outs
• Support for most popular operating systems
• No performance impact
• Ability to roll back changes
• 24/7 support


If you’re interested in learning more about installing this new service on your QuadraNet servers, please contact sales@quadranet.com or call 1-888-5-QUADRA