Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud

It is no secret that Cloud Computing has certainly transformed and evolved quite a bit throughout the past few years.

QuadraNet has consistently evolved and continued to offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to fit every organization’s needs. A common question we frequently see today when designing a cloud solution is often which type of cloud to run: public, private, or hybrid.

Much of the momentum and demand today is centered around Hybrid Cloud. To help you better understand the hybrid cloud, let’s quickly break down the differences between the three types of cloud hosting solutions:

1. Public Cloud

When most people hear cloud, it’s the public cloud that they think of. While this originally started out as applications hosted over the internet (i.e. IaaS or file storage lockers), today’s public cloud can involve applications, infrastructure, or data storage served up by a third party to the masses. QuadraNet’s public cloud offering, InfraCloud, starts from just $5.81/month and is available for immediate deployment.

2. Private Cloud

A private cloud is your own private infrastructure/servers hosted within a datacenter, with added virtualization, software, and automation to organize your infrastructure like the public cloud. While this offers some of the flexibility found in the public cloud, the big benefit for private cloud is that it gives you more control over security, data privacy, and compliance.

Looking for a Private Cloud solution for your business? Every private cloud build is tailored to your infrastructure needs and begins with consulting with a QuadraNet Cloud Specialist to evaluate your requirements. E-mail today for a free private cloud consultation.

3. Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud solution is a cloud computing environment that utilizes a mix of private cloud and third party public cloud services (i.e. InfraCloud) with orchestration / connectivity between the two platforms. This allows someone to move workloads quite easily, and gives businesses greater flexibility and data deployment options.

For a business that relies on adaptability and a best-of-breed approach, it’s easy to see why hybrid cloud solutions are becoming the most popular cloud posture.

QuadraNet prides itself on delivering a competitive and high quality hybrid cloud solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure setups. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation cloud consultation.