Picking a Webhosting Panel for Your Server

A webhosting panel gives access to a control panel that is essential for newer web managers/developers for managing numerous aspects of a website. There are a number of tasks that can be accomplished from inside a webhosting panel, from managing sub-domains or email accounts to organizing domains, and much more. A user-friendly interface with features designed to cater to each management tool is an effective way to allow webmasters who may be unfamiliar with more complicated management methods, such as SSH, to manage their websites and domains. It may be tempting to opt for the most popular webhosting panel available, but closer analysis may show that there are other panels that better suit your needs, so the question remains: how do you pick a webhosting panel?

When you check the market, there are several panels available with great features and different prices. Some even have customization options to create the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Each interface has its set of benefits to help you decide which one to pick. Popular options are:

Benefit of Picking cPanel

cpanel-snapsho-resizeThe panel with the highest level of popular opinion, cPanel, is also the most widely used. Although it is comprehensive beyond comparison (which can have drawbacks in and of itself), it is also the most highly priced. It has a wide selection of features and is designed to be extremely friendly to use. The number of options it has available makes it a great choice for newer users and even for more experienced users who may not wish to invest the time into managing a server themselves. cPanel is even mindful of security when accessing the control panel, using different ports for different services, most available via SSL (HTTPS), and advanced options further increase user experience. One drawback of cPanel may be that a panel as complex and wide in scope as it is affords the client less flexibility in managing their server. If, for instance, you need some sort of custom Exim (mailserver) configuration that involves something unusual, it may be particularly hard to implement on a server with cPanel. Something to keep in mind is that many QuadraNet clients have ordered cPanel servers in the past, only to later decide that their website had gained significant popularity and that cPanel was beginning to be more of a hindrance than a help. Additionally, cPanel forces the user to use its tools to accomplish many server administration tasks, which may prove troublesome for users who are accustomed to managing servers in a specific way.

Benefit of Picking Plesk

plesk-snapshotPlesk is the second most widely-adopted option available the market. It offers numerous add-ons and utilities which can be used to create a customized interface. Plesk is one of the few panels that is available for both Windows and Linux, and is quite easy to maintain. Being international, it is found in a number of languages. Plesk is probably the most dissimilar panel to the others listed in this article, which may make it more difficult to use if you have prior experience with cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.

Benefit of Picking DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin lacks a sizable number of options, which hinders its ability to be considered a dominant player in the market, but it is a cheaper alternative and is quite user-friendly. Because DirectAdmin doesn’t have as many features as cPanel, it will also consume fewer server resources, which can make it a better panel if you are hosting larger or more popular websites. Web sharing can be easily done through its automated tasks options. Probably the biggest benefit of DirectAdmin is its low memory footprint, which also is the reason for its increasing popularity.

Benefit of Picking Interworx

InterWorx is best for novices and if you are new to the webhosting world, gaining familiarity through the features and graphics of InterWorx is a great start. It also functions as a cloud and clustering software, which can be used to manage the load of several servers at an affordable cost. InterWorx has a significantly smaller percentage of market share, but QuadraNet has a number of clients who are extremely happy with their decision to go with InterWorx on their server. As a paid panel, InterWorx is the least expensive option offered by QuadraNet.

Benefit of Picking Webmin

webmin-snapshot-resizeA consistent interface, Webmin can be availed free of cost, and is a clean, easy-to-use interface. It has a lot of modules to help you through administrative activities which will allow you to have better control over your server. Webmin does require the user to have some degree of server administration (linux) experience, however, so it is probably not the best choice for newer users. Webmin has a small market share, as paid webhosting clients will generally want the flexibility and power of a paid panel (such as cPanel or InterWorx), and users with some degree of linux experience are usually looking to expand their skill-sets, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having a webhosting panel in the first place.