PacificRack announces 10GIGE Uplink to nLayer Communications

PacificRack ( announced today that it has completed the provisioning of a new 10Gigabit (10,000Mbps) network uplink to nLayer Communications ( as of August 1st, 2009. The move will increase capacity on the PacificRack Los Angeles network to a total of over 50Gbps (50,000Mbps) as well as heavily increase the amount of peers and routes available just one-hop away from PacificRack’s Los Angeles datacenters. The move has spurred excitement from latency conscious clients as nLayer is well known for its low latency network and peering and a favorite among game server hosting and Voice over IP providers. nLayer Communications joins the ranks of other low-latency backbones such as MZIMA, LEVEL(3), GLOBAL CROSSING, and private peers which PacificRack employs to strive for continued stability, reliability, and low ping.

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