Open Resolvers + Cisco invests in OpenDNS

Open Resolvers are catching a lot of flak in the news lately, and for good reason. Improperly managed, they can pose a huge risk to network security and infrastructure. Amplification attacks are all the rage in the world of DDoS, and open resolvers play a big role in this increasingly common threat that mimics the Smurf attacks of the late 90s. Jordan covered amplification attacks in depth in his three part series on DDoS Attacks back in March. While it is possible to set up your own DNS resolver, keeping it secure against these ever changing threats can become a headache. For QuadraNet customers, we offer the use of two resolvers ( and

Networking giant Cisco has taken notice of this increasing problem, recently announcing they would take part in a 35 million dollar investment round for security startup OpenDNS. OpenDNS currently focuses on two technologies for threat management via DNS – a security delivery mechanism called Umbrella, and the predictive threat intelligence platform Security Graph. With these systems and data from nearly 50 million daily customers and 10,000 enterprise users, OpenDNS aims to better predict when and where new attacks on the web will occur before they happen, and provide always on, easy to use security in the cloud and mobile computing environment.

This investment comes on the heels of Cisco’s own release of Managed Threat Defense in April, offering real-time predictive analytics to detect incoming and potential attacks, and protect against malware across extended networks.