NTT Communications Builds New Data Center in Shanghai

20141119bNTT Communications, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, of Tokyo Japan announced it will be opening its third data center in Shanghai as of November 20. The facility will be 2,600 square meters of server space and have the capacity to store roughly 1000 racks.

It will be launched under their Nexcenter brand. The data center is expected to offer 20% lower costs than those currently operating in the Shanghai region. They will achieve the high performance and low cost with the data center’s

“99.9999% power availability and 10kVA/rack high-density power provision.”

The plan is to operate a

“High-reliability, low-latency and low-cost network environment.”

They are planning to do this by maintaining a carrier-neutral policy, thus allowing the data center to reach more customers. Current customers of NTT will have access to Arcstar Universal one data network service which is connected and services 196 countries. To maintain that high-reliability standard the data center will have 24/7 support in Japanese, English and Chinese. NTT Communications has over 130 data centers and this new one in Shanghai could be the push in China to attract foreign investment needed in the cloud industry. Many reports in the past have shown that even as the world’s second largest economy China in the cloud computing/data center industry is monumentally behind the United States. Hopefully, the 20% costs actually are as realistic as they seem to be and will attract foreign investment for China.

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