New Year Checklist – Server Clean-Up & Optimization

Most people love to start off their new year picking different new year resolutions whereas bloggers tend to take advantage of this occasion to ensure their server is fully optimized for high performance. Moreover, it is an open practice to look after your server now and then for obtaining optimal performance.

To make things easy for you, here are some maintenance tips for you to make sure your server is running smoothly:


Use The Latest CMS Version

Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal continuously improve their services by providing regular updates to users. These updates carry various UI enhancements as well as some security improvements. Therefore, it is a good practice to use the latest CMS version as these updates can significantly increase your website’s security prowess ultimately making it more secure. However, don’t forget to backup your data before updating for staying on the safe side.

Remove Unwanted Plugins & Hide Unused Shortcodes

Plugins can profoundly affect your server’s performance rate and complicate the working of your website. It affects your website’s loading times by adding extra HTTP requests. Moreover, some plugins might accidentally make your site vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, we advise you to pick the right plugins and remove unwanted plugins to reduce the risk of experiencing slow load times and cyber attacks.

While removing unwanted plugins, you might leave footprints of unused shortcodes that are visible to users while browsing. Because of this reason, you should buckle up your boots and hide every unused shortcode out of your website. Note that you should manually hide them or use any WordPress plugins to do this as deleting them could lead you to make ‘risky database queries’. Hiding unused shortcodes will conceal the shortcode while the plugin is deactivated. If you ever decide to install and activate the plugin in future, the shortcode remains intact, and you get to start using the plugin again without worrying about implementing the shortcodes again.

Backup Your Server Data

Data is the soul of every server. Therefore, this is undoubtedly the most crucial checkpoint of this checklist. As they say, always be proactive when it comes to server management. We greatly believe in making our client’s life easier which is the primary reason why we provide Proactive Server Management that provides you Backup & Restoration assistance.

Furthermore, we also recommend you to perform regular backups with which you can save your data to a remote location alongside storing it in the local destination. This assures that your data stays safe regardless of the server experiencing any failure or data corruption. Additionally, we request you to have a good data backup strategy as this is one of the most fundamental and valuable processes that everyone should implement. You can find details regarding why having a good data backup strategy is a must here.

Click here to learn more about QuadraNet’s R1Soft backup solution.

Update Your Theme And Plugins

We previously discussed the importance of using the latest CMS version where we explicitly mentioned how it could enhance your website’s security and backend panel. That task inspires us to advise you to update your theme and plugins to their latest version as well. Have a look at all of your plugins to ensure that they are up to date. Perform this task after removing unwanted plugins. Alongside third party plugins, if you’re using a third party theme then you should make sure your theme’s updated to its latest version as well because theme devs continually add new features to their theme and enhance its working to make it more responsive and easy to browse.

Upgrade Your Control Panel

As per specific observations, it is noted that cPanel releases a new version every four months which makes it a high priority to use the latest cPanel version. Additionally, note that once your cPanel version enters ‘End of Life’, you will not be able to upgrade to a new version and lose access to installations, patches or fixes in future. This all in all explains the importance of regularly updating your control panel.

Monitor Hard Drive Health

Check your servers to ensure that the hard drives are healthy and running in an optimal state. If you are subscribed to QuadraNet’s proactive server management, you can monitor your drive status within our Intelligent Monitoring Platform (IMP).

Check For Hardware Errors

We recommend you to review logs for spotting any signs of hardware issues. From disk read errors to overheating notices, and network failure, each one of these errors are the early indicator signs of a potential hardware failure. They are rare, but it is worth taking a look at your log just to be on the safe side of the bay.

Use Secure Passwords

Changing your client’s passwords every few months is a good practice that could overall strengthen your website’s security. Additionally, we highly recommend you to not have same passwords for your company’s logins as this might give hackers control over multiple accounts and expose your data to them.

We at QuadraNet highly value your trust. This quality has led to establishing Proactive Server Management which boasts of Intelligent Monitoring Platform – IMP that continually monitors your server and immediately notifies out staff about any failure which allows us to start working on the issue right away without needing you to submit a ticket or informing details to us about the issue. Regardless of our services, we recommend you to follow this new year checklist your server is fully optimized and ready to own 2018!