New to QuadraNet and the world of Datacenters

Hello everyone!

My name is BR Spurr and I recently started working at QuadraNet. Before coming to the LA datacenter I had no idea how a datacenter was run and operated. Prior to working here I worked as a resident manager at an apartment complex in Long Beach, CA and had no real background or experience in the datacenter services industry. Luckily for me my coworkers are extremely helpful and in the few short weeks I’ve been at QuadraNet I already better understand how everything works.

In the first week I was here I learned quite a bit. After I memorized how all the floors were laid out and which keys you needed to use to get to certain areas I could finally start to focus on learning how to do tasks that are done on a daily basis at our datacenter. It was a learning process however, I made mistakes but learned from them and in the end I wont repeat those mistakes again. I learned the importance of attention to detail and that one simple mistake, like plugging a kvm into the wrong server, can be a disaster and may take hours to fix. Fortunately I learn fast and have been enjoying my time here at QuadraNet.

Before working here I didn’t have a good understanding of how a datacenter runs or what maintenance was needed. Being involved here has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Most people don’t even know the physical side of the internet. People take it for granted and don’t really understand or know anything about where the actual information is stored or how much work it is to keep a server maintained and online. I feel that my job is quite interesting and every day I learn something new. It’s hard at first to get used to working on multiple tickets at once in such a fast paced environment but with time it has become easier. Multi-tasking is an essential part of working in the NOC. If you have a high ticket load you could be dealing with multiple client requests that need to be processed and completed in a timely manner. There’s never a boring day working at QuadraNet’s LA datacenter, there is always something new and exciting to do and even the simplest tasks can be turned into a complicated process.

Before coming here I was a business marketing major in college but never really enjoyed it. Working at QuadraNet I have came to realize that I like working in this industry and I can see myself doing this in the future. I look forward to staying with QuadraNet for the unforeseeable future.

BR Spurr