New Microsoft CEO Could Mean A New Cloud

Microsoft’s recent struggle in the mobile and desktop business is a problem, but its steady and strong performance in the cloud and server segment speaks very highly of the man in charge of leading that unit.  Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, was the executive VP of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise unit for nearly half a decade before he was appointed the new chief, so what does this all mean for the cloud?

satyaUnlike his predecessor, Nadella has a strong background in the field that he has flourished in.  Meaning, he’s an engineer at heart, and a business man when necessary.  He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Mangalore University, a master’s degree in computer science from University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Aside from his educational background in engineering and computer science, Nadella is a long-time employee at Microsoft.  He spent the last 22 years of his life working for the Redmond-based software giant.  In his most recent position, he oversaw Microsoft’s $20 billion cloud and enterprise unit, which raked in over $8 billion in operating profit for the last fiscal year.

Nadella’s role in driving Microsoft’s cloud business range from Xbox Live services to server software for corporate customers, and was a major driving force in shifting his company’s technology from client-based services to cloud infrastructure and services.  What more can you ask for from a tech CEO that already has his head in the cloud?

Microsoft is facing some uncertainties, but with Nadella at the helm, most are quite sure that the company’s cloud software packages will continue to be a priority, even more so than they were before.  Innovations of Microsoft’s cloud solutions will undoubtedly broaden up for both corporate as well as casual consumers.  In the future, average consumers will likely have access to much more robust cloud services like Bing and Office. Enterprise and corporate customers, meanwhile, can continue to rely on heavyweights like Windows Server to drive their cloud solutions in 2014 and beyond.

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