Net Neutrality To Take Effect Soon

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB)  has finally signed off on the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order (Also known as Net Neutrality), which paves the way for the FCC to finalize and publish the rules; which are expected very soon.

You may ask yourself, what is Net Neutrality? The best way to describe it is to provide you with a great video found on Youtube.



So, what will Net Neutrality change for us as consumers?

Primarily, it will prevent Internet Service Providers (ISP) from blocking any lawful content, applications, devices, and competitors. That is great news since some providers (such as Comcast) were filtering applications without disclosure to their customers and came under intense debate for it.

The Net Neutrality will also prohibit ISP’s from discriminating against certain types of internet traffic (For example, favoring Websites and filtering multiplayer video games). It will also require that ISP’s disclose their practices, and terms of conditions associated with their broadband services.

This is a great achievement for the FCC and we are all supportive of any action that will preserve the internet as we know it as opposed to being regulated by ISP’s for their capital gain.

If you are interested in all of the details, feel free to read directly from the FCC WEBSITE – PDF

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