Navigating The InfraCloud



We’ve spent a lot of time developing our cloud software, the InfraCloud, so our goal is to ensure that it’s not only easy to use and intuitive, but also effective at what it’s designed to do. We’ve created a quick step-by-step tutorial in order to ensure that you get the absolute maximum out of the service that we’ve built.

To launch an instance, follow this easy step-by-step guide with screenshots, and if at any time you need help or get lost, don’t hesitate to put in a ticket by emailing

1. First, log in to our management portal at


2. Navigate to “InfraCloud” on the left and click on “Create Instance”. On this page, if you want to use one of the preconfigured InfraCloud plans, select the plan  and it will automatically configure the hardware specifications.

2A. Fill in the “Label” with a short description of the server’s purpose (eg: “internal web and mail server”).

2B. Fill in “Hostname” with the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) for the server – this is a, so for instance: “” or “”

2C. Select a data center  from the drop down menu for where you would like you InfraCloud instance to be geographically located.

2D. Select the Operating System you’d prefer from the OS dropdown. Note that certain operating systems have minimum requirements, so your hardware specifications may get automatically adjusted slightly.

2E. When you’re finished, click “Create New InfraCloud”.

3. Once you’ve clicked “Create”, it’ll bring you to an information page for that instance. You’ll see “Pending” next to the label you created for a couple minutes as it builds your machine. Once it’s finished building, you can access it using the information provided in the Instance Overview table (click “password” to see the password). Clicking “Console” at the top of the screen will allow you to access the console of the machine, so that way if you ever make a mistake and the server goes down, you can fix it directly from a remote console.

Congratulations! Your instance has been successfully launched and if it’s still saying “Pending”, check back in about 5 minutes and it should be fully launched.

Some additional FYIs you should know:

4. Click the “Edit” tab on this information page in order to edit some basic specs of your machine, like the number of virtual cores and the amount of memory.


5. Navigate on the left to “List Instances” under “InfraCloud” in order to see a full list of instances you have in the InfraCloud. The drop down on the right will allow you to turn the instance off, reboot it, or force it off. In order to delete an instance, click on the label and then select the “Delete” button on the top right.