Multi-factor and Cloud-Based authentication on the rise in 2014

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) use is on the rise in the face of increasing security risks, according to SafeNet’s 2014 Global Annual Authentication Survey released last week.

37 percent of organizations now report using multi-factor authentication, an increase of over 30% from 2013. This explosive growth trend is expected to continue, with 56% of organizations adopting MFA by 2016. Mobile MFA made up a reported 22% of use, with growth expected to increase by 30% come 2016. In spite of this, many companies have approached MFA for mobile devices with more hesitation. Well over 53% of survey respondents reported restricting access to company resources for mobile device users.

Cloud-based authentication services are experiencing a surge of growth and new found acceptance in the face of growing mobile usage, as organizations seek to balance security with ease of access. Just over 33% of organizations expressed a preference for this variety of secure authentication, up 50% from last year.

The trend towards mobile-based authentication services has also spurred a transition from hardware based authentication tokens to software solutions. Software-based authentication grabbed a 40% share, with further growth expected as hardware-based options dropped over 20% from 2013’s numbers.

With well over half of all data breaches last year originating from malicious outsiders, these findings come as no surprise as organizations seek to find a balance between information accessibility for employees, and the protecting sensitive information.