June 2018 Newsletter Edition

Welcome to the June 2018 Edition – QuadraNet Newsletter!

Summer is here, but the action doesn’t stop at QuadraNet! We are pleased to share some tips and additional information with you this month.

Behind the scenes, we are working diligently on launching our new sales partner program. Please keep an eye out for an exciting announcement about this soon!

Bandwidth Providers Available in 6171 W. Century Blvd. Facility

Last year, we announced the expansion to our new facility located near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Since then, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and demand in this facility, and we have certainly made a lot of enhancements and improvements to this facility since last year. (did you know we are fully SOC 2® Certified?)

One question we receive frequently regarding this facility is regarding bandwidth provider availability. Most of you don’t know this – but our new facility is actually built to be carrier-neutral, and can reach literally any bandwidth carrier of your choice! In this article, we go over the bandwidth availability options for this facility.

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Significance of Server Location in Infrastructure Hosting

QuadraNet provides six different geographically diverse datacenter locations, where we offer all types of infrastructure hosting solutions, from cloud hosting to dedicated servers to datacenter space. These locations include Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and New Jersey.

In this article, we will go over the significance and the use of having infrastructure located in different locations.

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What is Git? Git Explained

Git is version control software. Git was designed for the Linux kernel, and it’s great for software developers. That’s not the end of what it can do, though. You can use it for any project that’s stored as files, like web design or document storage. In this article, we go over what is Git, and explain further into the uses of Git and the features it has to offer.

This post describes the simplest uses of Git, but there are lots of other features to take advantage of! Among other things, you can easily:

  • Find the differences between two revisions.
  • View a line-by-line change history for a file, so that you can locate specific changes or who the author was.
  • Find log information, such as the commit author, date, and message.
  • Manipulate files and changes before or after you push them.
  • Solve merge conflicts when changes collide.
  • Discover when bugs were introduced through advanced version comparisons

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Thank You!

That wraps it up for June 2018 edition of the QuadraNet newsletter. Stay tuned for additional updates and exciting projects that we will be announcing soon!

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