Is Your Business Prepared For The Holiday Season?

The festive shopping season of 2017 is going to be huge for online retailers. Moreover, it has been predicted that the sale rate is going to witness a substantial growth this year in comparison to the last few years. This holiday season offers you a massive opportunity to get more sales by driving potential customers to your website. Though, ask yourself, is your site ready to cope up with such significant amount of traffic?

Despite all the fancy predictions, if your website is not ready for handling a significant amount of traffic, then you’ll get nothing but a ‘better luck next year’ card from your well-wishers this season. More importantly, this will turn out to be a lost opportunity for you. Broken links, slow loading time and poor user experience are often the reason behind less number of sales and loss of potential customers.

If your website is incapable of handling high traffic then not only do you miss out on sales but also damage your reputation as a brand. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to get your site ready for this lucrative holiday season:  

Optimize Your Website’s Loading Time

A particular research suggests that a user will directly abandon one specific site after waiting just three seconds for it to load. Therefore, if your website loads slow, then it is improbable that your sale rate will go up during this holiday season. It is crucial to have a website that loads fast to generate high traffic and welcome potential customers without making them wait. You should focus on speeding up your website by optimizing your website’s loading time.

Not only must a website load quickly, but it should also direct visitors to the information they are looking for in a compact time frame. You can use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to test the speed of your website. QuadraNet’s Server Management services can help optimize your server to ensure the fastest loading times possible.

No matter what your requirements are, if you want to accelerate your website’s loading time, then you should immediately opt for QuadraNet’s Dedicated Servers. Coupled with our server management services, we can design a solution to meet your high-speed needs. We can even customize the server with SSD drives to ensure that your website loads fast, in turn, allowing you to retain your potential customers and take full advantage of this festive season.

Avoid Downtime Issues

Your website is incredibly vulnerable to different kinds of security issues and is at a significant risk of facing downtime if it runs on a shared server. It is imperative to limit the risk of downtime – especially during the holiday season as you can’t afford to lose sales and your precious customers.

It is widely known that if you opt for a shared hosting server, then your website uses a shared server that is used by many other sites. Shared servers cannot handle high traffic as any significant increment in traffic rate leads to instant downtime issue. No matter how much you try to avoid downtime issues, they’ll haunt you during the holiday season as shared servers are not capable of allowing users to scale their website to control a huge number of visitors.

To avoid facing this situation and limit the risk of downtime, you may need to invest some money in a dedicated server. Spending a little extra money on something important won’t hurt you. It will ultimately turn out to be very profitable for you in the future. A dedicated server offers the best balance of money and scalability. As the holiday season is upon us, you cannot afford any risks, just opt for the best, and the best will come to you.

By opting for QuadraNet’s powerful dedicated servers, you can customize and choose from available resources based on your hosting needs. Your website will be up and running 24/7 without experiencing any kind of downtime issues.

Instill Trust Through Security

Reliability is the key to success. If your website seems unsafe to users, then no matter how good your website looks or what fancy services you offer, all of your efforts will go in vain. Many e-commerce services support online shopping of goods and software. In a competitive era of this kind, if your website’s security is not up to mark then it is unlikely that a visitor will browse it, let alone buy anything on it.

It is highly recommended that you switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS to make users feel safe when entering any personal information on it. The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that unlike HTTP sites, information routed through HTTPS is encrypted. Switching your site to HTTPS will guarantee more customers, more conversions and prevent any security risk or possible data breach. Also, Google has clearly stated that HTTPS sites are ranked higher than HTTP-only sites. Therefore, not only you’ll establish a safer environment on your website but also increase your chances of ranking your website higher on Google.

You should keep a few things in mind to get your website ready for the holiday season. As we have already mentioned the perks that this season carries from a sales perspective, we advise you to opt for QuadraNet’s server management services, as our team works day and night to protect your website from all kind of outside attacks.

Protecting Your Website From DDoS attacks

Talking about outside attacks, it is noteworthy to point out that a DDoS attack, which stands for a Distributed Denial of Service attack is one of the most deadly and harmful attacks that exist in the web world. The risks involved in this attack are relatively higher during the holidays season as the amount of traffic generated on a particular website is far more than any other time period. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know that a DDoS attack is a type of attack where a lot of compromised computer systems attack a single network target and flood the target’s network infrastructure and ultimately deny service to legitimate users.

QuadraNet can protect your website from DDoS attacks with our VEST DDoS Protection, and allow you to focus on your business instead of worrying about such issues. What more? You get total protection from such attacks at no additional cost.

To summarize this context in simple terms, QuadraNet’s dedicated servers are capable of handling a massive amount of traffic with ease without causing any downtime alongside offering you a secure environment by preventing outside attacks. This is your time to score big, don’t waste this opportunity. Opt for our premium services and allow us to work with you and bring you a step closer towards achieving great success this festive season.

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